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A fantastic gaming platform, the Nintendo Switch combines portability with a startling level of graphic capability.

The paucity of internal memory the Switch has for storing game data is one of its problems, though. This is particularly true when compared to its Xbox and PlayStation rivals or even its Nintendo Wii U predecessor.

However, using SD cards with a large storage capacity to assist swell your on-hand game collection is one method to get over this problem. But, if you don’t have any direction, it could be a little perplexing or challenging.

We’ll demonstrate how to add or remove SD cards from your Nintendo Switch in this article.


Insert SD Cards Into Your Nintendo Switch

You will need to acquire a micro SD card on your own since the Nintendo Switch does not come with one.



See the Micro SD Card Slot

The Nintendo Switch’s leg stand needs to be gently raised from its folded state as the first step.

Your micro SD card can be inserted into a tiny slot found underneath the leg to prevent it from becoming loose and sustaining unanticipated damage.

Before attempting to insert your SD card, check to see if there is anything inside.



Put a Micro SD card in.

Once it clicks into place, insert your micro SD card slowly into the slot.

Verify that the SD card’s face, which is the side with the text, storage capacity, and brand name, is facing the right direction.

You may now keep game data on the SD card at your discretion.


Remove SD Cards From Your Nintendo Switch

You might need to remove the SD card from the gaming console if you need to upgrade your micro SD card to one with more storage space or if the SD card has gotten corrupted.



look at SD Card Slot

To access the SD card slot, you must first lift the leg stand.



Pull the SD card out of the slot.

Gently press down on the micro SD card until you hear a click after you can see the top of it. The SD card may now be removed from the slot with ease.

Can You Use Any SD Card In A Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch only accepts micro SD cards in its card slot, as we explained earlier in the post.

What Micro SD Cards Are Supported For The Nintendo Switch?

This means that you cannot utilise a standard-sized SD card as a console storage device.

The Nintendo Switch is capable of accepting a variety of SD card models.

  • Micro SD cards (Usually containing up to 2 GB)
  • Micro SDHC (Holds data of 4 to 32 GB of data)
  • Micro SDXC (Usually holds up to 64 GB and more of data), although your Nintendo Switch will need a system update before it can accept micro SDXC.

Do I Need To Format The Micro SD Card Before Inserting It Into The Nintendo Switch?

The following SD card types and sizes are compatible with your console:

Final Thoughts

While inserted, micro SD cards in your Nintendo Switch can be formatted. Just access your settings.

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