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Version 8.03 of the firmware for the PlayStation 4 has just been released. With this, the designers tackled and thoroughly improved in-game communications.

Even though the PlayStation 5 launched the next console generation last month, the PlayStation 4 should continue to receive upgrades and new game releases.

As Sony Interactive Entertainment announced, a newfirmware updateis now available for download that will upgrade your PS4 system to version 8.03 and will bring about a change to the in-game chats. The official changelog states the following in this regard:

The following modification will be made in the optional PS4 VSH 8.03 update:

Disable Game Chat Audio has been included under Sound/Devices in the fast menu. This setting will turn off the audio for game conversation. You won’t be able to hear other players’ voices or hear your own. The audio in party chat is not affected by this setting.

The PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 3 have also just gotten new firmware updates in addition to the PlayStation 4. Firmware 20.02-02.30.00 is now available on the PS5, with which, among other things, a bug was fixed that could cause downloads and data transfers to commence when transferring data from a PS4.

Moreover, some Wi-Fi routers now operate better overall and have better connection quality. However, firmware version 4.87 for the PlayStation 3 was released last week.

Update 4.87 for the PS3 offers updated Blu-ray keys for future films in addition to minor security patches.

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