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You can either disable iMessages or sign out of iMessage on your Mac if you don’t want it to show up there.

Sign Out of iMessage on Mac

You’ve probably noticed that all Apple devices offer easy access to iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and other Apple services, which are all connected to your Apple ID.

Although the integration of iCloud-related services across all Apple devices improves user experience, it can also lead to issues.

For instance, you might decide against using iMessage on your Mac or against being constantly interrupted by iMessage notifications that appear on your computer.

You may simply log out of iMessage on Mac, disable iMessage notifications, or deactivate your iMessage account on Mac to resolve this problem.

1. Sign Out of iMessages on Mac

You can just sign out of your iMessage Account if you do not wish to utilise iMessage on Mac.

On your Mac, launch the Messages app, click on Messagestab in the top menu bar, and then choose Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Go to Accountstab > select your iMessage account in the left-pane and click the Sign Out option in the right-pane on the following screen.

2. Deactivate iMessages on Mac

You can temporarily disable your Mac iMessage Account in lieu of completely signing out of iMessage.

Launch the Messages App, select Messagestab from the top navigation bar, then choose Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Go to Accountstab on the next screen. Choose your iMessage Account in the left-pane and uncheck the option to enable this account in the right-pane.

By doing this, received iMessages won’t appear on your Computer. You can always go back and activate iMessage on your Mac by selecting the option to Enable this account.

3. Turn OFF iMessage Notifications

You may stop iMessage notifications from showing on your Mac if they are the only thing bothering you.

Choose System Preferences from the drop-down menu by clicking the Apple logo in the top menu bar.

Choose the Notifications tab from the System Preferences screen, then choose Messages from the left-hand menu on the following screen. Move the Allow Notificationstoggle to the OFF setting in the right-pane.

After that, you will no longer get or send iMessage notifications, but you will still be able to send and receive iMessages.

4. Remove Device from Apple ID Page

Remove your device from your Apple ID Account to stop iMessages from synchronising on Mac.

1. On your Computer, use the Safari browser. Go to the Apple ID website and log in with your Apple ID account.

2. After logging in, go to the Devices area, choose the Mac that you wish to delete from your Apple ID, and then click the Remove from account option.

If your Computer is taken off the Apple ID page, iMessages won’t sync with your device anymore.

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