1337x Proxy List For 2023: 100% Working Mirror Sites

Torrent sites are a treasure trove of content, whether it be games, TV episodes, movies, or software. Although it is questionable whether they exist, popular torrent sites have recently been severely affected by the law enforcement copyright crackdown. 1337x, one of the most well-known torrenting websites, also bore the brunt of it as it was blocked by ISPs and government agencies in a number of nations, including the UK and Australia. This has led to the emergence of numerous 1337x proxy sites and alternatives that you can use to access 1337x.

With the use of a VPN service, you may still access the website using 1337x proxy sites and mirror sites even if it is geo-blocked. There are a number of 1337x substitutes as well as additional torrent websites. Here is a list of 1337x proxy sites you can use if you’re having problems. The hand-selected 1337x proxy sites listed below were operational at the time of publication.

Note:This article’s informational and instructional value is its only purpose. We firmly oppose downloading copyright-protected material.

1337x Proxy Sites 2023 [100% Working]

1337x Mirror Sites 2023

When you are unable to access the primary 1337x website, you can access a number of 1337x mirror sites:

  • 1337x Mirror Site 1
  • 1337x Mirror Site 2
  • 1337x Mirror Site 3
  • 1337x Mirror Site 4
  • 1337x Mirror Site 5

1337x Torrent Alternatives 2023

You can try out some of the 1337x torrent alternatives, which include some of the top torrent sites for downloading movies, games, apps, and software, if the aforementioned 1337x proxy sites and mirror sites aren’t functioning. These 1337x substitutes are easily found online, however if you want to protect the privacy of your connection, we advise utilising a VPN.

1. The Pirate Bay Best 1337x Alternative

There is no need to introduce The Pirate Bay. It is a well-known torrent website where you can use Peer-to-Peer technology to obtain files. Torrents from a wide range of genres, including audio, video, software, games, and others, can be found on the internet in large quantities. We have also created a list of Pirate Bay Proxy sites that you can use if The Pirate Bay is unavailable in your area.

One of the most well-known torrent sites in the world, KickassTorrent, has come under considerable investigation from law authorities. However, supporters of torrent sites have consistently been able to create a functioning domain for Kickass Torrent. Despite their best efforts, if you are still unable to access the website, you can use the following Kickass proxy services and mirror sites.

3. ExtraTorrent Biggest 1337x Alternative

ExtraTorrent is also included in the list of websites that have been victimised by law enforcement. If the 1337x proxy sites are unavailable for some reason, you can use this option. There is a big selection of torrent files from various genres on the torrent website. Furthermore, another factor contributing to its success in the world of torrents is the user-friendly interface.

4. Rarbg Torrent site to use when 1337x.to isn t working

The Rarbg torrent search engine is well-liked among torrent fans due to its simple user interface (UI) and the large amount of torrents it offers, along with a sizable number of leechers and seeders. When the aforementioned services are unavailable for any reason, we advise using this 1337x torrent option.

5. Yify Best 1337x alternative for movies

If you previously utilised 1337x for movies but can no longer access it for some reason, here is a suitable replacement. One of the best torrent websites is YTS Movies. In fact, this website features a section just for watching the trailers of the newest Hollywood productions. The ideal 1337x torrent substitute for movie fans is YTS.

6. LimeTorrents

An interesting torrenting website with lots of content is called LimeTorrents. Its simplicity of use and search function, which ensures that you’ll find what you’re looking for, are two of its best features. To boost the speed of your torrent downloads, you wouldn’t need to look for the trackers individually because the torrents already include a list of them built in.

Use a VPN With 1337x Proxy Sites

We advise utilising a VPN when attempting to unblock 1337x through proxy sites. This is because the 1337x torrent site hosts certain copyrighted material that can get users into legal trouble. The good news is that high-quality VPN services are getting more affordable; some of the greatest examples include SurfsharkVPN, Private Internet Access, NordVPN, etc. Additionally, protecting your connection from any dangerous threats that might be hiding behind these proxy sites is another advantage of using a VPN.

Using a VPN with 1337x proxy sites protects you from any potential risks by masking your actual IP address. However, to avoid any legal issues, we firmly advise that you stay away from copyright infringement.

Or use The Onion Router

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The Onion Router is one of the greatest methods for getting access to geo-restricted content. In the post titled What is The Onion Router and Network, we went into great detail about the same and what it accomplishes. The Onion network’s poor response time is one of its flaws since user requests are forwarded between several servers and computers connected to the network.

You can use other browsers that have Tor built in, such as the Brave browser, or you can download the official Tor Browser from this page.

FAQs on 1337x

1. How do I download from 1337x?

Visit the website, perform a search for the torrent file you want to download, then either click the download button or utilise the magnet link to start the download. If you are unable to access to the website, you can utilise one of the 1337x proxy services we have listed.

2. How do I unblock 1337x?

If the original torrent website is restricted in your nation, you can still access 1337x by using proxy sites and 1337x mirror websites. As an alternative, you might go to the 1337x substitutes that we have already discussed.

3. How do I download movies from 1337x?

We don’t advise downloading movies from 1337x because they are mostly pirated copies, which is bad for your security.

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