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A Private IP Address and a Public IP Address are assigned to each internet-connected device by the Internet Service Provider. The ways to find your public and private IP address are listed below.

Public Vs Private IP Address

The Modem/Router connects to the internet using an External IP Address in a normal network configuration, and other devices connect to the Modem/Router using their own Private IP Addresses.

The ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns the modem’s External IP Address, which is accessible to other internet-connected devices.

Your computer, phone, and other devices are given an Internal or Private IP Address by the modem, and only other devices connected to the same WiFi network can see this address.

In summary, whereas the Internal IP Address cannot be seen by other internet-connected devices, the External IP Address (issued by the Service Provider) can.

How to Find Your Public IP Address

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns your public IP address, which may be easily found by typing what is my IP address into Chrome, Safari, or another web browser.

The majority of the time, the top search result will include your IPv6 address in both the Chrome and Safari browsers.

You can use trustip4.me or other websites provided in the search results to find your Public IP Address (iPv4).

How to Find Your Private IP Address

Only devices connected to your home WiFi network can see your Private IP Address, which is assigned by the modem/router to devices like computers, phones, and others.

For PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android phones, the Private IP Address can be quickly seen by following the instructions provided for each of these devices below.

1. Find Private IP Address in Windows 10

To locate your Public and Private IP Addresses on a Windows 10 computer, adhere to the methods listed below.

1. Open Settings and select Network & Internet. Choose Status in the left-pane on the following screen. Click the Properties button for the current Network on your computer in the right-pane.

2. Your Private IP Address will be listed next to the IPv4 address field on the Network Properties page.

Along with the standard IPV4 address, which consists of four strings, you will also notice your IPV6 address, which is a long string of letters and digits.

2. Find Private IP Address on Mac

To get your Private IP Address if you are using a MacBook, Mac Mini, or an iMac, just follow the instructions below.

1. From the drop-down menu, click the Apple icon in the top menu bar and choose System Preferences.

2. Choose the Network option from the System Preferences page.

3.In the left-pane, choose your network type (WiFi or Ethernet). Your Private IP Address will be displayed in the right-pane next to the IPV4 Address entry.

3. Find Private IP Address on iPhone

You can find your Private IP Address on an iPhone by doing the actions shown below.

1.Go toSettings>WiFi> touch on your WiFiNetwork Name.

2. Your Private IP Address will be shown next to IP Address Input in the IPV4 ADDRESS section of the next screen.

4. Find Private IP Address on Android Phone

On an Android phone, it is equally simple to find your private IP address.

1. Choose the gear-shaped SettingsIcon under Settings > Wireless.

2. Your Private IP Address will be visible on the following screen.

The majority of users use dynamic IP addresses, which are constantly changing, as opposed to static IP addresses, which remain constant.

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