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Even though Pages is a respectable word processor, it doesn’t work well with Microsoft Word. Find out how to open and change Pages files in Windows 10.

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Apple Pages, which is included in the iWork suite together with Numbers (which functions like Excel) and Keynote, is the company’s answer to Microsoft Word (like PowerPoint).

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The business released the suite free on Mac desktops and iOS devices in 2017. This suggests that a large number of users are probably using it instead of pulling out their wallets to purchase a Microsoft 365 (formerly O365) subscription.

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Users of Microsoft’s suite will therefore probably occasionally encounter an Apple Pages document. You have a couple options if you need to view it. Uploading the file to Apple’s iCloud is the simplest choice, which is wonderful if you already use Apple’s service.

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What if you don’t utilise iCloud, though? See how to view and open Apple Pages, Numbers, and even Keynote files on Windows 10 in the following article.

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You can view the first page of a Pages document, the first worksheet of a Numbers workbook, and the first slide of a Keynote presentation even if you don’t have access to a Mac. As an example, we’ll utilise a Pages document.

The following dialogue box will appear when you attempt to open an Apple Pages file in Microsoft Word.

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