What Is a BuzzFeed Quiz? How Do BuzzFeed Quizzes Work?

Have you ever seen a blog post reach 22 million hits? or an ebook obtaining the same number of downloads? No? No, neither have we. Yet, we have already seen a BuzzFeed quiz cross and touch that figure!

It is true, that much is true. Almost 22 million people have viewed and shared a quiz from BuzzFeed. You may be thinking, “Rave, but what’s the point?” We’re going to show you how to quickly and easily create a BuzzFeed quiz in the process!

We think it ought to be a significant part of your inbound marketing approach given the unquestionable popularity of quizzes similar to those on BuzzFeed. Everyone enjoys taking them, therefore marketers should make use of them to boost their social media presence and generate more visitors and leads. We’ll therefore address all of your inquiries regarding the creation of a Buzzfeed quiz today. Let’s start, shall we?

What Is a BuzzFeed Style Quiz?

The quizzes on BuzzFeed are essentially personality tests that mostly focus on asking you questions about your interests and choices. Based on their inputs, users obtain results.

Do you know that 96% of people who start a BuzzFeed quiz finish it? It’s true, I suppose. Engaging and offering personalized results, BuzzFeed quizzes are great. Who wished to halt in the middle?

Why Do BuzzFeed Quizzes Work?

buzzfeed quizzes

We’ll explain how to make your own BuzzFeed quiz after explaining why they’re so incredible.

1. They Are Fun

When work and enjoyment coexist, how amazing is that? It’s wonderful, in our opinion. And for this reason, BuzzFeed quizzes are effective. Moment marketing is the focus of all of these tests. Also, they increase involvement because of how hot the topics are.

Would this test be enjoyable, for instance, on April Fool’s Day? The urge to click on it is almost overwhelming.

2. They Are Personal

What do you think? Would you rather take a quiz to find out which 2020 disaster you are in, or would you like to read a general blog about many 2020 disasters? Undoubtedly, we’ll go with option two. The explanation is straightforward. We would want information that is specific to ourselves, not global. Since they produce customized results depending on your responses, BuzzFeed quizzes are personal.

3. They Are Shareable

Usually, when we discover something amusing online, we want to share it with our friends. We naturally want other people to appreciate and enjoy the things we do. That’s just ten out of ten sweet, to be honest.

Do we really want to deny individuals the opportunity to spread happiness? We utilize BuzzFeed quizzes because of this. It takes only a few clicks to share them. Their success is increased as a result.

Types of BuzzFeed Quizzes

You were deluded if you assumed that there is just one type of BuzzFeed quiz. Despite the fact that the basic concepts may be the same, you have a wide range of possibilities. The kind of quiz is decided by a certain set of questions. You must learn how to create a BuzzFeed quiz that is more personalized before you can create your own.

1. Multiple Choice Quizzes

Exams with multiple-choice options

Essentially, a multiple-choice quiz is one that offers you a variety of options. Simple as that.

2. Open-Ended Quizzes

Anything is allowed to be included here. Whatever you want. Any subject can be the subject of a quiz, provided it is entertaining. Observe the one we produced!

3. Yes or No Quizzes

Keep it simple, please. For your audience, make sure the procedure is incredibly rapid. Because of this, yes-or-no questions are effective.

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4. Polls

Each person has their own unique perspective on events. And polls allow you to determine how many people share your viewpoint. I love taking polls. See, for instance, this one. Does Laurel or Yanny sound better to you?

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