Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story/Post? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023!

A creator isn’t normally notified when a screenshot (or screen recording) is taken of their Instagram story, post, or reel.

Instagram does alert the original poster when a screenshot is taken of a message sent in Vanish mode or of a photo or video that has since disappeared.

What follows is a comprehensive guide to screen capturing and screenshotting on Instagram.

Does Instagram Notify when Screenshotting a Story?

does instagram notify when you screenshot

Instagram no longer provides a notification to the original poster when their story is a screenshot. It’s a good idea to double-check Instagram’s screenshot notification policy as it could be updated again at any time.

If you don’t want specific people to be able to view your Instagram story or take a screenshot of it without your knowledge, you can restrict their access to it.

Like with stories, Instagram does not alert the poster when a screenshot is taken.

Does Instagram notify when screenshotting a post?

does instagram notify when you screenshot

For messages sent in Vanish mode or photos and videos exchanged in a private DM thread, Instagram will only alert you if a screenshot is taken. Instagram does not provide any kind of notification when a screenshot is taken of a user’s story, post, reel, or permanent direct message.

Vanish mode screenshots will have the words “[your username] captured a screenshot” superimposed over the discussion.

You and the other person will each see a small circle appear next to the photo or video if you take a screenshot of it before it disappears.

You can use a bookmark instead of taking a screenshot if you wish to save an image or video. Locate the article that contains the image, and then click the star icon to save it. To access it again, select Saved from the menu’s three dots.

What to Know About Screenshotting Instagram DM?

does instagram notify when you screenshot

Taken with the Instagram camera from within the chat window, these fading images can be shared with friends or simply deleted.

As the other user can only view the message once, it “disappears” after being viewed (or twice if you allow replay). If a direct message that you delete is screenshotted, Instagram will let you know.

Without alerting the other user, you can also take screenshots of other parts of a direct chat, such as individual messages, the discussion history, and posts sent back and forth.

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How to Avoid Being Detected for An Instagram Screenshot?

You should never use or share someone else’s image, sensitive content, or personal information without their authorization, but using these ways will help you avoid the screenshot notification.

  • To save a photo or video that is ephemeral on Instagram without alerting the owner, open the app in a web browser and navigate to your direct messages. Instagram will not alert you when you snap a screenshot in your browser.
  • The other person won’t know you took a screenshot of the vanishing photo or video if you do it while your phone is in airplane mode.
  • Of course, you can also use another camera or device to take a picture of your screen, albeit the quality may suffer.

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