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Even if Venmo provides a fantastic service, you might give it a try and decide it’s not for you.

This app shouldn’t be left inactive because it works with financial accounts, therefore don’t do it.

You must entirely erase your account if you decide to stop using it.

Thankfully, this is quite easy to do, but you must use the official Venmo website to do so; you cannot remove your account using the mobile app.

What Is Venmo?

Let’s first talk about what Venmo is before getting into how to delete your account. An iPhone and Android smartphone software called Venmo serves as a digital wallet.

This app makes it simple for users to trade money.

You may access all of your funds by connecting any debit, credit, or checking account to the app, making it simple for people to transact with one another.

Before Closing Your Account

There are a few things you need do before formally cancelling your account. You must confirm that every penny has been returned to your bank account.

If you don’t do this, you’ll have to get in touch with Venmo after you’ve deactivated your account to get the money you left behind, which could take some time.

Moreover, you need to download a duplicate of every Venmo transaction you have ever made.

You won’t have access to your records after deleting your account, even though you might later require some of them.


How To Close A Venmo Account

As previously stated, the mobile app cannot be used to close your account; only the official Venmo website can do this.



Open Your Web Browser

Open your web browser, navigate to the official Venmo website, and log into your account to get started.



Go To The Sidebar

Go to the sidebar and select Settings.



Select Profile From The Menu

When clicking settings, choose Profile from the menu.



Click On Close My Venmo Account

Once on your profile, scroll down and click on “Close my Venmo Account.” You will then be returned to the previous page.



Click On Next

The Ending Your Venmo Account screen will appear once you click Next. If you haven’t already, click this link and choose the Download CSV option to obtain your account statement.



Select Next

Once you’ve finished, click Next.



Select Close Account

A last prompt asking whether you’re certain you want to close your account will then appear. Selecting Close Account will formally close your account if you choose to move forward.

Re-opening Venmo account

You cannot reactivate your Venmo account once it has been cancelled. But you can create a new one.

Using the same information as the account you just closed will work for this, and Venmo also lets you open two accounts at once.

However neither account may be used to send or receive money. You must have separate accounts for sending and receiving.

Final Thoughts

Simply remember to transfer any funds in the closed Venmo account back into your primary account before closing it.

You should also be aware that shutting your account cannot be done using the mobile app; as a result, if you want to remove your account, you must have access to a laptop or computer.

It’s also crucial to make sure you’ve downloaded a copy of your transactions because you could need them in the future.

Even after you delete your account, you are still able to create a new one using the same information.

When utilising digital wallets, you must always use caution and retain a record of your transactions.

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