Top 10 Best Gender Reveal Ideas in 2023!

Looking for creative and enjoyable gender reveal game ideas? Peerspace can help with that. The tradition of gender reveals parties is relatively recent. These provide the expecting parents a chance to celebrate their new baby with family and friends, similar to a baby shower. Yet with a gender reveal, parents, learn for the first time the sex of their impending bundle of joy.

At a gender reveal, gifts are typically optional. Yet having fun and playing games is a requirement. Here are 13 creative genders reveal party game concepts to help you celebrate. Many of these suggestions are entertaining ways to make an important announcement. Others provide a good time to spend the day with your visitors. It’s difficult to err if you’re celebrating safely!

1. Finding a Gender Reveal Venue with Peerspace

Let’s chat about the locations for your gender reveal party before we begin the games. There are a ton of incredible locations available for hourly rental on Peerspace for your event. It’s simple to select and rent a fantastic location for your event with venues available in cities from London to LA.

You can shoot pink or blue balloons into the air in a large garden, blast confetti cannons by a tranquil pool, or cut a gender reveal cake in a bright apartment (pictured above). Just look about your city for venues until you locate one that speaks to you!

2. Team Pink vs. Team Blue

gender reveal ideas

Here is one of those entertaining gender reveal game concepts that may be used for various types of events. Have your guests participate in the party games as “team pink” or “team blue,” respectively. Have guests select a team based on their predictions for the baby’s gender rather than dividing the boys and girls. Add up the victories for each squad. You’ll be able to see if the winning team matches the baby’s gender after the reveal!

3. Scavenger Hunt

By scattering hints about the site, you may set up a scavenger hunt for your guests. Kids at your party will enjoy this game since they will have to cooperate to figure out the clues. Your visitors will discover the solution to the big reveal after they reach the conclusion!

4. Pinata

Let your guests take a swing after filling it with candies wrapped in either pink or blue paper. Everyone will find out the baby’s gender when it cracks open and the candies stream out. It’s not only entertaining to announce it this way, but it also tastes good.

5. Video Game Disclosure

gender reveal ideas

Searching for suggestions for gender reveal games for far-flung events? Why not use a virtual environment for your games? Animal Crossing was used by this couple to celebrate their gender reveal.

The virtual fireworks went off when they found out the baby’s gender, allowing for a sweet distance celebration with their friends. It’s adorable, original, and clever!

6. M&M guess

Get visitors to predict the proportion of each color in a jar of pink and blue M&Ms. Whoever provides the most accurate response wins! Don’t mention if there are bluer than pink M&Ms or vice versa, but do be careful. Not wanting to give away the major surprise.

7. Baby bake-off

Here is a delicious gender reveal party concept. Invite visitors to compete by adorning cookies, cupcakes, or other treats in accordance with their predictions about the baby’s gender.

When everyone is finished, the future parents can declare a winner and enjoy the delectable and charming sweets. Look on Peerspace for chef’s kitchens if you need a place to hold your baby bake-off.

8. Decorate a Bib

Have visitors customize a baby bib with non-toxic paint or markers in place of cookies or cupcakes. Depending on their predictions for the unveiling, guests can select between a pink or blue color scheme. Once they come, the baby will have some gorgeous hand-decorated bibs to wear.

9. Silly String Fight

Here’s an entertaining, though messy, way to make the big disclosure! Divide guests into two teams, then give each team a pink or blue can of silly thread. The goofy string fight can begin once everyone has their can in hand. You may either set up a “team pink vs team blue” competition between guests, or you can have everyone wear the same color for the big reveal. For simple cleanup, make sure you hold the game outside.

10. Balloon darts

gender reveal ideas

Another enjoyable but messy gender reveal game is presented here. Have guests throw darts at painted balloons that are pink or blue. Everyone will find out the baby’s gender when the balloon bursts and the paint spills out.

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