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While you can create contact groups on your iPhone using apps from the App Store, you can also do this easily using your iCloud account.

Create Contact Group on iPhone

On the iPhone, grouping related contacts enables you to address emails to the group name rather than adding contacts one at a time to email messages.

Although you can’t create contact groups directly on your iPhone, you can do so by going to on a Mac or PC and downloading them for your iPhone.

Make sure that all of your iPhone Contacts are accessible on iCloud before continuing with the procedures to create contact groups on iCloud.

Open Settings, touch on your Apple ID name, select iCloud, and slide the Contacts slide to the ON position.

You can create Contact Groups on your iPhone using iCloud by following the instructions provided below after authorising Contacts to Sync to iCloud.

1. Create Contact Group on iPhone Using iCloud

1. Access on your Mac or PC.

, then log into your iCloud account.

2. After logging into your iCloud account, select the Contactstab.

3. On the iCloud Contacts screen, click the Plus symbol in the lower left corner of the screen, and then select the Create Group option (See image below).

4. A new contact group with the name Untitled Group 1 will have been created (See image below).

2. Add Contacts to Contact Group

5. After entering a descriptive name for the contact group, hit the Enter key to save it.

Once a contact group has been created, you can add contacts to it by choosing them on the All Contacts screen and dragging them there.

1. Choose All Contacts from the left-hand menu. Choose the contacts you want to add to the contact group in the right-pane.

2. To create a new contact group in the left pane after selecting contacts, just drag the selected contacts there (Group 1 in this case).

In order to select several contacts, hold down the Command and Ctrl keys on a Mac (in Windows).

3. How to View or Access Contact Groups on iPhone

Once the contacts have been chosen, simply drag them to the Contact Group on the left-pane.

You ought to be able to view and access a Contact Group on your iPhone or iPad after it has been created in iCloud.

1. Tap on Groups in the Contacts app on your iPhone.

2. The newly established Contact Group that you just made can be found in the iCloud area of the Groups screen.

3. Choose the contact group by touching on it, then tap Done to see the contacts that are a part of it.

4. Remove Contacts From Group on iPhone

The New Contact Group on iPhone may not display right away if your internet connection is sluggish.

You will once more need to retrieve your Mac or Windows Computer and carry out the procedures listed below in order to erase Contacts from a Contact Group on an iPhone.

1. Log into your iCloud Account by visiting on a computer.

2. After entering your iCloud account, select the Contactstab.

3. Choose the Contact Group from which you wish to delete Contacts on the next screen.

4. Choose the contact you want to remove from this contact group in the right-pane.

5. Choose Contacts, then, in the pop-up menu that appears, click Delete under the Gear symbol (bottom left).

The selected Contact(s) will be eliminated from the Contact Group if you pick the Delete option.

5. Delete iPhone Contact Group Using iCloud

Note:Contacts deleted or removed from a contact group will not be deleted from your iPhone’s contact list.

By signing into your iCloud Account, you can always remove an iPhone Contact Group from your device.

1. Visit iCloud.

login to your iCloud account on your computer.

2. Click the Contactstab after logging into your iCloud Account.

3. Choose the Contact Group you want to delete on the following screen.

4. After selecting the Contact Group, click the Gear symbol in the bottom left corner and then select the Delete option from the menu that displays.



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