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Xiaomi creates fantastic Android phones, but it doesn’t include Gmail, YouTube, Maps, or other well-known Android apps when it distributes the devices. Installing Google Play Store on Xiaomi phones would solve this problem and enable the installation of more Google & Android apps.

No Google Apps On Xiaomi Phones

One of the top manufacturers of electronics in China, Xiaomi Tech is well-known for its reasonably priced and attractive Android phones in countries like India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Given that it is a Chinese device manufacturer, Xiaomi abides by Chinese government laws and limits access to the Google Play Store as well as Google services like Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, and Maps.

Xiaomi offers its own alternative Google-like apps and operates its own app store called the MI App Store in place of Google Apps.

Google Play Store and other Google Apps are frequently absent from Xiaomi phones marketed for the foreign market, despite the fact that the international version of Xiaomi phones can and should have Google Apps.

Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Phones

Searching for the Google Play Store app on Xiaomi’s own MI App Store is the simplest way to install it on a Xiaomi phone.

The only way to install Google Play Store on your Xiaomi device if it doesn’t support it natively is by using Google Installer APK, which is not supported by all international versions of Xiaomi phones.

The following two sections describe how to install Google Play Store on Xiaomi phones using Google Installer APK.

  1. Allow Downloads from unknown sources on Xiaomi Phone
  2. Download Google Play Store on Xiaomi Phone by using Google Installer APK.

Step 1. Allow Downloads from Unknown Sources

You must first enable the option to download from unknown sources on your Xiaomi device in order to download the Google Installer APK.

Move the toggle next to “Unknown Sources” to the ON position in Settings > Further Options > Privacy.

Tap OK to accept allowing downloads from unidentified sources on your Xiaomi phone’s confirmation pop-up.

Step 2. Download Google Play Store Using Google Installer APK

You are now prepared to download Google Installer APK to your device after activating the option to download from untrusted sources.

1. Launch your Xiaomi phone’s web browser and download the Google Installer APK from the MIUI Forum (Use This Link)

Note: A pop-up will appear at the bottom of your screen; select Yes to begin installing the Google Installer APK.

2. After the download is finished, hit Install to start the Google Installer installation procedure on your Xiaomi phone.

3. When you see the App Installed Page after the application has been installed, select Open.

4.Tap the large blue Install button on the following screen to start installing Google Basic Services on your Xiaomi phone.

On your Xiaomi phone, the Google Installer will begin installing the following Google Basic services.

  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Account Management
  • Google Play service
  • Google Calendar Synchronization Service

The Google Play Store must be downloaded on your device in addition to the Google Services Framework, Google Account management, Google Play service, and Google Calendar Synchronization Service.

You must hit onInstall on the permissions screen for each of the aforementioned essential services before tapping onDone to complete the installation process. (See the photo below)

6. The Installer will eventually ask for your approval to install Google Play Store on your phone after installing the four Google Basic Services. To install the Google Play Store, just touch the Install option.

7. After your Xiaomi phone has the Google Play Store installed, touch on Open to access it.

8. Type in your email address and click Next on the following screen.

Note: If you don’t already have a Gmail account, tap on the link to create one.

9. On the following screen, enter your email address’s password and click Next.

10. After that, click Agree to accept the terms of service and privacy statement for the Google Play Store.

Choose if you want to set up automatic data backup to Google Drive and then press Next on the following screen.

The end! You’ve successfully installed Google Play Store on your Xiaomi phone, enabling you to download popular Android apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, and more.

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