How to Connect Alexa to WiFi with App or Without App? A Complete Guide in 2023!

Amazon’s Alexa is an artificial intelligence system that responds to your every command. It can access Google, arrange Uber rides, play music, make purchases from Amazon and Zomato, and perform a plethora of other tasks.

While this is impressive on the surface, Alexa requires connectivity to the internet in order to do its voice recognition. Even without connectivity, it can play music from a Bluetooth device or serve as an alarm clock. But there’s little use in shelling out cash for an Echo device if you just want to use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

Many people want to know, “How do I link Alexa to my Wi-Fi?” In this article, we’ll go over the steps necessary for any user to successfully link Alexa to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Does Alexa Need Wi-Fi?

For the sake of clarity, absolutely. Alexa requires constant Wi-Fi connectivity. This is because there must always be some sort of link with Amazon’s servers. Alexa gadgets follow user instructions.

When you ask Alexa for something, a recording of your voice is made and saved in a temporary file. This is serialized into text and sent to the server.

The server analyzes the request and responds with the appropriate data. Alexa can only be used to set alarms if connected to Wi-Fi.

How to Connect Alexa to a New Wi-Fi Network With the App?

how to connect alexa to wifi
  • To access your devices, select the icon there.
  • Select the Alexa and Echo choice now.
  • Select the Alexa gadget you plan to use next. If your gadget isn’t showing up, select All Devices from the Devices menu. If the gadget still isn’t showing up, a factory reset may be in need.
  • Choose an alternative near the Wi-Fi network to make modifications.
  • A prompt has appeared asking if you have the device plugged in and the orange light is on. Choose the “No” option.
how to connect alexa to wifi
  • Turn on the Alexa device’s setup mode, then press the button labeled “Continue.” It’s possible that this process varies slightly between Alexa gadgets.
  • Pick a gadget to use now. Click the Device not listed option if you can’t find any.
  • The next step is to choose a wireless network.
  • Key in the Wi-Fi passphrase.
  • The last step is to wait for the Alexa gadget to finish connecting.

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How to Connect Alexa to a New Wi-Fi Network Without the App?

  • Open up your internet browser and go to
  • To access your Amazon account, please enter your login details. Otherwise, you should make your own.
how to connect alexa to wifi
  • Find the Settings menu and select it.
  • Select the device configuration menu.
  • Next, select the Alexa device type you wish to link to your wireless network. Take the Echo or Echo Dot as an example.
  • Select “Continue” and turn on your Alexa gadget.
  • Hold off until the orange ring light appears.
  • Locate a network with a name like “Amazon-XXX” in it and join it.
how to connect alexa to wifi
  • To proceed, please return to your browser.
  • Pick the wireless network that you want to join.
  • Don’t do anything while the link is being made.

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