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The methods to create an Apple ID on an iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC are listed below if you don’t already have one or wish to establish a new one.

What is Apple ID & How to Create Apple ID?

In essence, an Apple ID consists of a password of eight digits and an email address that has been registered with Apple. Every time you attempt to log into the App Store, iTunes, or any other Apple service, you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password.

The first opportunity to create an Apple ID comes up during the initial setup of a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It’s possible that you elected to skip creating an Apple ID during the setup procedure if you don’t already have one.

One need only have an active email address from Gmail, Outlook, or another email service provider to create an Apple ID on an iPhone, Mac, or PC. You can also create an Apple ID by using your email address (

You will be prompted to set up an eight-digit Apple ID password after entering your email address. Make sure the password for your email account and Apple ID are different.

1. Create Apple ID on iPhone

By following the instructions below, you can establish an Apple ID directly from your iPhone.

1. Open the settings app on your iPhone and select Sign in with your iPhone link.

To sign out while signed in, tap on your Apple ID name, scroll down, and choose the Sign Out option.

2. Click the Don’t have an Apple ID or forget itlink on the following screen.

3. Click the Create Apple ID button on the pop-up menu. Choose your birthdate on the following screen, then enter your first and last names and press the next button.

4.Click the Use your current Email Address option on the following screen.

5.To finish, enter your email address, a password of eight characters, and then press Next after agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Apple will immediately send you a confirmation email. Verify your Apple ID email address by logging into your email account.

2. Create Apple ID on Mac

Opening System Preferences on your MacBook, Mac Mini, or iMac will also allow you to create an Apple ID.

1. Choose System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Symbol in the top menu bar.

2. Choose the Sign in option on the System Preferences screen.

Note:If you are already logged in, select Sign out and then select Sign In.

3. Choose Generate Apple IDLink from the following screen.

4. Enter your date of birth on the System Preferences screen, then click the Next button.

5. Click Next after entering your name, password, and verified password on the following screen.

6. Apple will now send you a confirmation email. Verify the email by logging into your email account.

Your Apple ID will become active as soon as the Email has been verified.

3. Create Apple ID on Windows PC

By visiting the Apple ID Account Page, an Apple ID can also be created on a Mac or Windows computer.

1. Launch your computer’s web browser, navigate to, and select the “Sign-in” option. Click Create your Apple IDLink in the top-right corner of the screen to get to the following screen.

2. Enter your name, country, birthday, email address, password, and confirm password on the following screen, then click Proceed.

3. Choose two security questions from the same screen, respond to them, and click Proceed.

Your Apple ID will be created using the email address you supply in this step, and the password you choose will serve as your Apple ID password.

4. Create Apple ID on App Store

By activating the App Store app on your iPhone or iPad, you may also create an Apple ID.

1. On your iPhone, open the App Store and tap the Account button.

2. Choose the Create New Apple IDlink on the Account screen.

3. On the following screen, choose your country, input your email address, password, and verify password, then tap Continue.

Note:The password must have at least one lowercase and one uppercase letter, and it must be 8 characters long.

4. Enter your first name, second name, birthday, then continue by following the on-screen instructions on the following screen.

When you have finished all the necessary procedures, you will be prompted to connect into your email account to validate your Apple ID.

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