How to Download Twitter Videos on Android/ PC? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023!

When it first debuted in 2006, Twitter gave its users a novel way to communicate with one another and with the world at large by means of textual “tweets” of up to 140 characters in length. These days, tweets can be up to 240 characters long, and users can even add media like photographs and videos.

Yet, with the proliferation of content now published on Twitter, you might find yourself wishing you could store some of it for later perusal. A picture can be saved with a simple right click, but a video requires a few more steps.

How to download Twitter videos via the web?

how to download videos from twitter

To save a video from a tweet, all you need to do is copy the link, put it into a website like Twitter Video Downloader, and the video will be saved as an MP4 file. You can use this method to download videos on Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android by using any web browser. We’ve laid out the steps below so you can follow along with ease.

Step 1: Select the tweet whose link you want to copy.

Step 2: Open a web browser and go to

Step 3: click the Download option after pasting the link into the URL box.

Step 4: right-click (on Windows or macOS) the Download Video button next to the resolution you want to download (in most cases, the highest resolution available is the best choice) and select Save As.

Step 4 (Android/iOS): When prompted, select “Save” to save the video after holding down on the Download Video button next to the resolution you want to download (in most cases, the highest resolution will be available).

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How to Download Twitter Videos on Android?

how to download videos from twitter

The web-based approach described above is compatible with Android, but you can also utilize a program like Download Twitter Videos from the Play Store. You can copy and paste the tweet’s link into the app to download the video directly to your device. This is the procedure.

Step 1: Get the Download Twitter Videos app from the Play Store.

Step 2: get the URL for the tweet you want to save

Step 3: Launch Download Twitter Videos.

Step 4: Choose your language and then click the green arrow button.

Step 5: Tap the green arrow button twice.

Step 6: Click the Done button on your on-screen keyboard once you’ve pasted the link to your tweet into the Your Link box at the top of the screen.

Step 7: Locate the blue download arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen and, if requested, click the Allow button.

Step 8: Choose the desired resolution by tapping the arrow button next to it. In most cases, you should go for the highest resolution which is an option.

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