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How to Mute Someone on Instagram? A Step To Step Guide In 2023!

how to mute someone on instagram

Upon meeting a new coworker, it may be disrespectful to immediately unfollow them on Instagram. You can mute someone to stop receiving their Stories and posts but still communicate with them in the usual way. In this article, you will learn how to mute a user on Instagram.

If you unfollow or mute a user on Instagram, neither the user nor Instagram will be informed of your decision. There are a few options for blocking a user’s updates and Stories (or both). The initial one is presented below.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram?

how to mute someone on instagram
  • You can mute a user or a page by going to their profile in the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Choose the “Following” tab at the top of the profile to begin following the user.
  • When the options pop up, select “Mute” from the list.
  • The switch between “Posts” and “Stories” can now be activated. You won’t be able to see their Instagram Stories or posts on your feed.
  • To disable a user’s Stories alone, tap and hold their profile symbol in the Instagram Stories row at the top of the mobile app.
  • Choose “Mute” from this menu. Their Stories will be immediately silenced and buried.
  • When someone’s post appears in your feed and you wish to ignore it, you can mute them by tapping the three dots Menu button near the top of the image.
  • In this window, select “Mute” from the menu.
  • Now, click “Mute Posts” if you just wish to silence their contributions. Choose “Mute Posts And Story” to silence everything they write, including Stories.

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How to Unmute Someone on Instagram?

You can still view a muted user’s updates and Stories by visiting their profile. Unmuting someone requires tapping the “Following” button on their profile once more and then deselecting “Mute” from the resulting menu.

To unmute the account, simply tap the “Posts” and “Stories” toggles.

Have you tried muting your profile? Instead of interacting with them, you can simply block them on Instagram.


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