How to See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp? A Complete Guide in 2023!

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app owned by Meta, and its users had the option to retract messages quite some time ago. Messages in both one-on-one and group chats can be deleted, and the capability is available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

When you choose WhatsApp’s “delete permanently” option, the message will be replaced with the text “This message was deleted,” so the recipient will know that you have deleted the message. With this problem, the question of “how to read deleted WhatsApp messages” naturally arises.

This feature is quite helpful if you have sent the message in error or by accident. Yet, there are a few methods you can use to access previously erased messages on WhatsApp.

How Do I Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android?

how to see deleted messages on whatsapp

Either method will allow you to read your old WhatsApp messages on an Android device, even if you have erased them. And so it goes:

1. Read Deleted Messages Using Whats App Chat Backup

When you delete a communication by accident, you can get it back with the help of WhatsApp’s backup feature, which runs nightly at 2 a.m. Choose a different backup schedule every day, every week, or every month. If you choose daily as your preferred backup frequency, however, you can restore conversations up to the following backup, which occurs at 2 am.

Do the following actions to recover deleted WhatsApp chats:

  • Take WhatsApp off your Android phone and reinstall it from the Play Store.
  • After that, you’ll need to input your cell number and country code and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • The option to bring back old conversations from a backup will be available. Choose the “Restore” option to get your lost WhatsApp chats back.

2. Read Deleted Messages Using Third-Party Apps

WhatsApp messages can be read after they have been deleted using third-party software. Lost WhatsApp messages can be recovered with any number of programs available from the Google Play Store. These programs monitor the status of your notifications that are stored in the Android system’s notification log.

The popular application “WhatsRemoved+” can be used to access previously deleted WhatsApp messages. About 5 million users have downloaded the app, but iOS users are locked out. You may remove the ads from this app to read deleted WhatsApp messages if you subscribe to the app’s premium version.

Appropriating the WhatsRemoved+ mobile application

  • Launch the Google Play-downloaded app.
  • Simply agree to the on-screen terms and conditions and enable notifications.
  • Choose WhatsApp from the list of apps to access the archived messages.
  • The app will now alert you whenever the recipient deletes a message they sent to you.
  • To view a deleted WhatsApp message, open the notification and click the “DETECTED” button.
  • It is still possible to read the communication from that location even after it has been deleted.

WhatsRemoved+ isn’t the only app that can help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages. Know that giving a third-party app access to your smartphone’s notification system is a major security risk.

Furthermore, the Android OS removes the notification log after a restart, making it impossible to read messages even using third-party apps.

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Is There Any Way to Recover Lost Messages on WhatsApp for iOS?

how to see deleted messages on whatsapp

It’s unfortunate that there are no third-party apps for iOS that can help you recover a deleted WhatsApp conversation. Yet, this could be avoided with the use of alerts.

You can still view the notifications you received for texts you deleted lately. Swipe down the notification shade, then long press on the message you want to read.

However, opening it will instantly cancel the alert, so please exercise caution. Keep an eye on the alerts before you dive into any talks with someone who deletes texts on the regular.

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You Should Still Think Before Sending a Whats App Message

The option to erase a message sent over WhatsApp could prove useful. Yet, this should not lead you to believe that you can turn off your brain while using the IM service. Everyone involved has access to these seven minutes, which is sufficient. What if he suddenly logs off the network right after you send him a message?

It’s also conceivable that the recipient is using an older version of WhatsApp that doesn’t support erasing messages. There’s no way to make amends for your mistakes then.

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