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While using Skype and other video conferencing apps, some users have reported running across the error message Camera is being used by another application. These are the procedures to resolve this issue on Windows 10.

Webcam is Being Used by Another Application

The notice of error It doesn’t matter if you’re using the built-in webcam on your laptop or an external camera that’s connected to a desktop computer—your webcam is presently being used by another application.

Generally speaking, this problem is known to be brought on by a corrupted Skype software, missing or corrupted camera drivers, a corrupted camera app, and a lack of permission for Skype or other video chatting apps to access the camera on your computer.

1. Allow Skype to Access Camera

An easy explanation for The reason why Skype receives the error message “Your webcam is presently being used by another Application” is because it is unable to access your computer’s camera.

1. Choose Came in the left-hand side under Settings > Privacy. Turn on the “Allow Applications to Access your Camera” option in the right-hand pane.

2. After that, go down to the section titled Select which apps can access your camera and turn the slider next to Camera ON.

3. Scroll down the same screen and make sure the slider for Skype is in the ON position.

Your computer needs to be restarted to apply this update.

2. Enable Camera on your computer

It’s possible that you, another person with access to the computer, or the security software on your computer blocked the webcam for security reasons.

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2.On the Device Management screen, expand the entry forCameras(or Imaging Devices), right-click on yourwebcamand select onEnable Deviceoption.

3. Reset the Camera App

It’s conceivable that the error message is the result of a software mistake or a flaw in the Camera App.

1. Choose Apps & Features in the left pane under Settings > Applications. Scroll down and select Camera > Advanced options in the right-pane.

2. Scroll down and hit the Reset button on the following screen.

3. To confirm, click Reset on the confirmation pop-up.

If the error notice persists after a restart, try restarting your computer.

4. Update Camera Drivers

1. Right-click the Start button and select Device Management from the menu.

2. Expand the entry for Cameras (or Imaging Devices) on the Device Management screen, right-click your webcam, and select Update Driver.

3. Choose the option to “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software” on the following screen.

Permit Windows 10 to look for the updated device driver on your computer and then adhere to the installation instructions to do so (if available).

4. Restart your computer to apply this modification.

5. Use Desktop Version of Skype

Instead of using the Skype App that is currently included in Windows 10, you might try using the standard desktop version of Skype on your computer to see if it helps.

1. Download Skype for Windows on your PC and launch Chrome or another online browser.

2. Double-click the downloadSkype.exeFile after it has finished downloading, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing Skype.

3. Restart your computer after installing Skype, then launch the new Skype desktop application.

You should be able to make Skype video calls without running into any issues if you utilise the standard version of Skype. An error message states that another programme is using your webcam right now.

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