How to Turn Off Read Receipts On iPhone? A Complete Guide In 2023!

how to turn off read receipts

Those who have been here, raise your hand. You recently received a text message, but you don’t currently have the time (or energy) to reply. You intend to ignore it, but a slip of the finger accidentally opens the message and notifies the sender that you have seen it.

The obligation to text back right away and the potential backlash you can experience if you read but don’t react can both be attributed to reading receipts. For critical or time-sensitive talks, the timestamp that appears when a receiver opens an iMessage is a useful tool. Yet, this iPhone feature has a tendency to go awry, so understanding how to disable read receipts is helpful.

Uncertain about where to begin? We have some simple iPhone hacks that will help you. You can disable read receipts on your iPhone by following these detailed instructions. Don’t stop there though. By knowing how to hide, forward, retrieve deleted text messages, and disable autocorrect, you can make the most of the messaging tools on your smartphone.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts for All Contacts

You can get some privacy by turning off read receipts for all contacts on iPhones, which is simpler than you may think. Make sure your phone is running the most recent iOS version before you begin. then take these actions:

1: Access Settings.

2. Choose Messages.

3. Locate the Send Read Receipts option by scrolling down.

4. Slide the slider all the way to “off.” When it goes gray, you’ll know something is wrong. Now, none of your contacts will receive a time-stamped read receipt when you open a message from one of them.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts for Specific Contacts?

how to turn off read receipts

You may want to hide the fact that some people—but not all—can see when you read their messages. Follow the directions below to stop receiving read receipts for a specific contact.

You do not need to turn off read receipts for discussions with contacts who use SMS (short message service) texting, including those with Android phones because read receipts is an iPhone feature that only functions for iMessages. Green text messages suggest SMS, so that’s one hint.

  1. Launch the iPhone’s Messages app.
  2. Start up a discussion with the person whose read receipts you wish to disable.
  3. Touch the profile icon for the contact located above the discussion.
  4. Locate the Send Read Receipts option by scrolling down.
  5. Slide the slider all the way to “off.” The ability for this contact to see when you open a message from them will be removed.

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How to Activate Read Receipts?

You can switch the read receipts function back on if you change your mind and decide that you really want to let the sender know when you have read their messages. Just follow the same procedures you used to disable the feature.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Messages.
  3. Locate the Send Read Receipts option by scrolling down.
  4. Move the slider so that it is in the “on” position. Green will appear on the toggle.

The Same Goes for Turning Read Receipts Back on For Specific Contacts.

  1. Start a chat with the contact in iMessage.
  2. Touch the icon for the contact’s profile.
  3. Click Info.
  4. Move the slider next to Turn on Send Read Receipts by selecting “on.”

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