How to Fix Instagram Crashing Issue? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023!

Have you ever run into a problem with your Instagram app that caused it to crash? Don’t panic; thousands of users encounter this problem every day whether browsing their timelines, posting their stories, or communicating with others using the app’s direct message feature.

Instagram crashes can occur for many different reasons, but there are several ways to resolve them. Read this post to learn how to prevent Instagram from crashing on your mobile device.

Methods to Fix the Instagram Crashing Issue

We have compiled a set of solutions that users of the Instagram app on Android and iOS devices can use to prevent the program from crashing.

1. Updating the Instagram App

instagram app keeps crashing

If you haven’t updated your Instagram app in a while, it may be due to a problem or glitch that has been fixed in more recent builds.

The update is available in the Google Play Store for users of Android devices.

For the most recent version of Instagram, iOS users should visit the App Store.

  • Why updating Instagram is essential? 

When Instagram releases an update, it may alter the app’s functionality. Changes to the interface and the way content creators and consumers interact with it are commonplace with these sorts of changes. These changes demonstrate Instagram’s dedication to providing a bug-free experience for its users.

You can see more text on a post after updating the Instagram app, and you can get additional combinations of filters and such.

  • What do these updates mean for Content Creators?

These updates not only help you eliminate app crashes, but they also provide new features, such as a shorter time limit to communicate your material concisely with the aid of visual effects introduced in the most recent update.

  • What do these updates mean for the User?

The way in which app users interact with it also shifts dramatically. In addition to resolving the crashing issue, you may also notice a reduction in the number of long-form text posts on your timeline and an increase in the number of posts that include hashtags you often follow.

As new filters are implemented, users report that the posted content is more interesting and less generic.

We don’t think it’s necessary to download these updates right away, but we can attest that doing so improves your Instagram experience and makes it less likely to crash.

2. Restarting Your Phone

instagram app keeps crashing

Just restarting your phone will sometimes fix Instagram’s crashing problem. Some problems and issues might be eliminated by just restarting your smartphone. In the event that you are still having problems with Instagram crashing, we have detailed several solutions.

3. Check Your Phone’s Available Storage 

instagram app keeps crashing

Instagram crashing might also be a result of insufficient phone storage. Instagram will stop crashing as often if you leave 10–20% of space on your phone’s storage.

  • Check Storage on Android
  • Navigate to Settings on your Android phone.
  • Choose the “Storage” tab.
  • In this section, you may view how much free space is currently available on your mobile device.
  • You can also see how much space other apps are using on your device.
  • To View, the iPhone’s Storage Capacity,
  • go to the device’s Settings menu.
  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  • Verify the available storage options.
  • We recommend that if your smartphone is low on storage space, you erase some files or programs and then see whether Instagram still crashes after that.

4. Check Instagram’s Cache and Clear It

instagram app keeps crashing

To get the most out of your newly updated Instagram app, you should clear its cache. This is a great solution to Instagram’s crashing problem.

  • Android Cache Clearing
  • Simply hold down the Instagram icon for a few seconds.
  • To view the app’s details, click on the menu.
  • Go ahead and clear your cache by going into Storage and selecting that option.
  • You may also access Instagram’s app details by going to Settings > Apps > Instagram.
  • See if Instagram is working properly after emptying the cache.
  • Get rid of the iOS cache

There is currently no way for iOS users to clear their app caches. For iOS users, the only solution would be to uninstall the software from their device and reinstall it from the App Store, as doing so would also erase the cache.

  • Simply hold down the Instagram icon for a few seconds.
  • Click the Delete button.
  • Under the App menu, click Delete.
  • Just download Instagram again from the App Store.
  • Now that the Instagram app has been repaired and should no longer crash, you may check your account by logging in.

5. Stop Using Instagram’s Beta Version

instagram app keeps crashing

Beta versions of Instagram are not reliable, thus using one increases the likelihood of a crash. You should stop using the Instagram Beta app and use the regular app instead.

  • Leaving the Beta version on the Android
  • head over to the Play Store and look for the Instagram app.
  • To become a beta tester, click the You’re a tester button.
  • Just hit the Leave button and sit tight until you hear from us.
  • Erase Instagram and reinstall the original version.
  • Leaving iOS’s Beta Version.

Instagram’s Beta enrollment process is a little different for iOS users because you’ll need Apple’s Test Flight app on your iPhone. The Instagram Beta version can be removed from the Test Flight app on an iPhone if the user wishes to switch to the stable Instagram release.

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6. Uninstall Instagram and Reinstall it

instagram app keeps crashing

If you’ve been experiencing problems with Instagram crashing, deleting and reinstalling the program is another option. As all errors are eliminated, this strategy has a good possibility of solving the Instagram app crashing problem.

  • Long-tap the Instagram app icon on your home screen.
  • A menu will appear; choose Uninstall (Android) or Delete App (iOS)..
  • Instagram can be reinstalled through the App Store or Google Play.

7. Update Your Phone’s Software

instagram app keeps crashing

To fix any issues with the most recent Instagram update, make sure you have the most recent version of Instagram installed on your smartphone.

  • Updating Android Smartphone
  • Launch the device’s configuration menu.
  • Follow the link labeled “Software Update” down the page.
  • Follow the prompts to update the software on your device (steps may differ across Android devices).
  • Verify if there are any updates accessible, or if you can only get downloads.
  • Updating iOS 
  • To access this feature, go to your iPhone’s Settings menu.
  • Choose Preferences and then Update Software.
  • If an update is available, get it and put it in.

8. Check if Instagram’s Servers Are Down

To check if Instagram is down, you might use a search engine, Twitter’s trending section, or news websites. If you hear that it’s down, it’s best to give the servers time to recover before trying again. The application’s technical issues are to blame for the downed servers.

9. Other Apps may be causing Instagram to crash 

Instagram may be crashing because of third-party apps.
There could be other apps interfering with Instagram and causing it to crash. It’s possible that an Instagram app crash is due to a software issue with Android.

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10. Instagram crashes while you upload a Post or Story?

instagram app keeps crashing

If you’re having trouble getting photos or videos onto Instagram, it could be because the file type you’re using isn’t supported.

Images saved in any other format than JPEG or PNG will cause the Instagram app to break. If you need to submit a video, you may always reduce the quality by lowering the video’s resolution. If you’re having trouble uploading a video to Instagram because it’s Ultra HD resolution 4K 120 FPS quality, consider converting it to Full HD resolution 1080p 60 FPS quality first.

Using iOS, you can switch the content quality from High Efficiency to High Compatibility in the Camera settings.

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