Is Instagram Down? Here is How to Know In 2023!

If Instagram isn’t working for you right now, you might be wondering if the service is down generally or if it is only affecting you. We have created this guide to aid you in determining whether there is an Instagram outage. We will also inform you of your options if you have Instagram offline issues.

Is Instagram Down? Here is How to Know?

The quickest approach to determine if Instagram is unavailable is to go to If other users are currently reporting issues with Instagram, it will say so right at the top of the page. It’s simple to spot spikes if you go down a little further on the page, where a graph displays complaints of outages over the previous 24 hours. The page also states whether the issues are with the website, app, or logging in. The user comments listed below include more information.

You may also see whether there is any trending news regarding an Instagram outage by checking Google News or Twitter.

Is Instagram Down Right Now? Here is What to Do?

instagram down

If you are unable to access Instagram, you should first try to resolve the issue on your end. If no evident outage is present, you might need to try this. To get started, refer to Instagram’s troubleshooting instructions. You should try rebooting your device and checking your internet connection, the website advises. The Instagram app can be tried to be uninstalled and then reinstalled if that doesn’t work.

When none of those solutions work, one option is that Instagram is the issue, but you are the first person to encounter it. The best course of action in that situation is to notify Instagram of the issue so they can look into it. On Instagram’s website, you can view the instructions. The team will respond to issues more quickly as more users who report them do so.

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Other than that, there isn’t much you can do but try to wait it out as Instagram investigates the issue and seeks a resolution. Play some video games or catch up on posts on other social media sites during this period. The likelihood is high that the Instagram outage will end soon. You can use the website and app once more.

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