Top 5 Best Instagram Filter Apps in 2023!

Have you ever wondered why the pictures you take with your camera appear dull compared to the ones you see on social media? You might be in need of some aesthetic motivation after seeing all the fantastic Instagram app filters available!

1. Instagram

Instagram Filter Apps

In the past, Instagram received a lot of flak for its shoddy filters. They were some of the first people to employ camera presets. They never did, however, manage to get it right.

However, Instagram has improved since then. The filters now seem more natural and produce better effects, despite the fact that they still have many of the same names as they did eight years ago.

Of course, there is still more to be done with Instagram filters. But at least you can now more easily decide how you want your photographs to appear. Since you can modify photographs without leaving the app, it is efficient. You can even alter saturation, contrast, and brightness.

This is the quickest and most straightforward solution if you don’t feel like using third-party applications. Share your work after you’ve finished editing to start seeing the hearts appear on your screen.

 2. VSCO (iOS or Android)

Instagram Filter Apps

The greatest Instagram applications currently available are VSCO filters.

VSCO was developed to mimic the qualities of actual film stocks from well-known manufacturers like Kodak and Fujifilm. If you’re hankering for a grainy film appearance, this is the tool for you.

VSCO filters appear authentic, in contrast to other applications that shoddily mimic the appearance of vintage pictures. The main reason is that they put a lot of effort into creating settings that correspond to the films they imitate.

You may experiment with other film stocks, including Fuji Velvia or Kodak Portra, with VSCO. Simply tap the screen to do it. It can be difficult to distinguish these presets from actual film photographs because they perform so well.

The ability to manually modify the filter parameters is another benefit of utilizing VSCO. So you may easily adjust the contrast if the preset looks too stark.

To adjust the level of noise in your photo if you don’t like too much grain, simply drag the slider up or down.

The cinematic look has been popular for a while and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Please download the VSCO app right away. You’ll use it a lot, we can assure you of that!

3. Snapseed (iOS and Android)

Instagram Filter Apps

One of the top mobile picture editing apps is Snapseed. It not only provides filters but also all the tools you require, from erasing blemishes to enhancing skin tone.

You can experiment with a wide range of filters in Snapseed. It features tools that allow you to make your photos appear to be Polaroid snapshots or vintage sepia photographs.

Additionally, it offers options like Glamourglow to improve portraiture and HDR Scape to enhance landscape pictures.

What if you don’t like the way the movie looks? After that, you can design your own “look.” Presets are what Snapseed uses.

You can alter any parameters, from saturation to exposure, and save them for later use, thanks to this feature. It’s amazing that you can even share it with your pals.

Google, the maker of Android mobile devices, is the owner of Snapseed. But fortunately, this program can also be found on the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPhones.

That implies that you can utilize it on any device. Just make sure your device has enough storage space because a tool this potent needs a lot of RAM.

4. Lightroom Mobile

Instagram Filter Apps

You must download Lightroom Mobile to your phone if you use Adobe Creative Cloud. If you want an endless variety of professional-looking filters, this software is ideal.

Most, if not all, of the picture editing features you would find in the desktop version, are present in Lightroom Mobile. Like on your computer, you can even upload new filters to the app.

Oh, and did we mention that you can add presets to your library by purchasing them online?

You can build new presets or modify those that already exist, just like with Lightroom on your PC. It comes in handy when the color or mood of your shot is overly altered by your chosen filter.

Of course, since the user interface is different, Lightroom Mobile initially requires some getting used to it. However, once you get to know all the features, you’ll realize that it works just as well as normal Lightroom.

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5. Afterlight (iOS or Android)

Instagram Filter Apps

Our collection of Instagram apps only includes standard presets. But what if you wanted to create a filter that included many effects like color shift and double exposure? If so, Afterlight is the right software for you.

With a feature-rich picture editing suite, Afterlight rivals Lightroom and Snapseed. It allows you to edit RAW files and even uses more sophisticated tools like curves and HSL.

Yes, such tools are available in Snapseed and Lightroom as well. The ability to combine filters, however, distinguishes Afterlight 2 from its rivals. It’s a handy tool, especially if you struggle with making personalized settings.

You can combine and match any filter on your collection using Afterlight.

Additionally, you may make textures and overlays to give your photographs personality. Tap the screen if you want to add prismatic light leaks to your portraits. To make things mix naturally, you can even tweak the effect you decide to use.

The double exposure technique in this fantastic program allows you to merge two photographs into a single one. On a PC, it’s difficult to pull off the effect, but with this software, it’s simple.

Even if you’re a total beginner, Afterlight provides all the tweaking options you’ll need to do multiple exposures.

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