How To Install Instagram Lite? A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023!

Instagram Lite is an official Instagram app tailored to Android devices with low storage capacities. With a memory footprint of just 573 KB, this program is noticeably smaller and quicker to launch than its predecessor.

The lite edition will, of course, have a number of limitations, but the essential features will be there all the same. You shouldn’t have any issues, then, running your Instagram account from your mobile device so long as you remember that…

As of right now, the software is only available to Android users in Mexico and is still in beta testing. The good news is that it will likely roll out to additional nations in the early months of 2019.

Instagram Lite Features

  • Your biography and profile image is up for grabs.
  • To do this, simply click the “Follow” button next to the profile of the person or company whose content interests you the most.
  • With the built-in picture filters, your photographs can be published after being edited.
  • Several images depicting your experiences can be posted. Also, you have the option of using various fonts, hashtags, emoticons, and filters on any text you contribute. The story, like the original tool, will be deleted after 24 hours.
  • Followers’ updates will appear on your profile page.
  • The explore tab is where you may check out the published works of the individuals you’re following.

Limitations of Instagram Lite

instagram lite
  • Publications in video format cannot be shared.
  • Stories do not support real-time communication.
  • None of your buddy list stories are accessible to anybody else.
  • Unfortunately, there is a shortage of the location sticker.
  • Your ability to send someone else a link to a feed post will be disabled.
  • Constraints on the use of stickers in narratives (countdown, questions and answers, music, and sliding emojis for questions).
  • There is no real-time option.

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How To Install Instagram Lite: Step-by-Step Guide

The lite edition has the same icon as the full version, except it is white instead of black. If it isn’t available in your app store, don’t freak out. Since they have only recently begun to distribute internationally, it is possible that it is not yet accessible in your country.

  • Go to the Google Play store on your Android device.
  • Look for the required application.
  • To begin the installation process, select the Install button.
  • Just sign in with your account info.
  • Ready! All accessible means will be made available to you.
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Alternative Use of Instagram Lite with Google Chrome

instagram lite

If the lite version isn’t available in your country just yet, but you need more storage on your phone or you need to manage an additional account (for a client or your own business), and you don’t want to waste time logging in and out to switch between them, then you should remember this tip for using Google Chrome.

  • Access the website from your mobile.
  • Click on the three points on the top right part of the screen.
  • Select the option that lets you add a shortcut to the main screen.
  • Then, you will see an Instagram shortcut on the main page of your mobile phone.

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Instagram Limitations On Google Chrome

  • You may forget about using Instagram’s story stickers.
  • It will be impossible to add video content.
  • Messages sent in real-time cannot be monitored.

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