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The sender of a Facebook message can know that you have read it as soon as you open it. If you don’t want to share this information, you can use one of the several techniques listed below to read Facebook messages covertly.

Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen!

Facebook’s well-known Social Media and Messaging platform uses 4 different icons to show the status of communications.

The sender of a Facebook message will see a faded blue circle with a check mark when the message leaves his or her device, as you can see in the above image.

The blue faded circle becomes a filled blue circle once the receiver receives the message.

A Miniature Version of the Contacts Profile Picture shows in the sender’s view after the Blue Circle has vanished to show that the message has been read by the recipient.

Facebook does not give users the option to turn OFF Read Receipts, in contrast to other messaging services.

In order to read Facebook messages without Seen appearing on them, we have provided various solutions below.

1. Use Airplane Mode

In our testing, after activating Airplane Mode, reading a Facebook message did not display the Seen Status (Appears to work both iPhone and Android Phone).

After turning off Airplane Mode, the Seen Status only appeared after we began composing a response to the message.

Click Settings on your iPhone and switch the toggle to the ON position to activate Airplane Mode.

Open the Facebook Messenger app and read the message after enabling Airplane mode. After finished, quit the Messenger application.

As previously indicated, until you begin typing a reply to the message, the Message Seen indicator won’t show up on the sender’s smartphone.

2. Read Message Notifications

You will notice a Facebook notification on your iPhone when you receive a message on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Notifications display the sender’s name and a portion of the message unless you adjust the settings.

Seeing these message notifications will give you a general understanding of the message. Until you press on the notification or swipe to remove the notification, the Seen status won’t show up.

3. Use to View Messages

Reading Facebook messages on a Mac or Windows computer is the third way to read them without the Seen Status showing up on the sender’s device.

On a Mac or Windows computer, go to and log in to your Facebook account.

After logging in, a little pop-up window towards the bottom-right corner of your screen will appear, displaying Messages.

Until you click on the message window, you can read messages in this window without the Seen symbol showing up.

Tip: The iPhone version of Facebook can also be used.

4. Switch to Desktop Mode

You may also access Facebook Desktop Mode directly from your iPhone or Android device and view messages without your contacts being aware of it.

Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and go to

Once on Facebook, click the AA icon in the URL and choose the option to “Request Desktop Website” from the drop-down menu.

You will then be directed to Facebook’s desktop version, where you may log in with your Facebook account and begin enjoying Facebook.

Visit if you are using an Android device, such as a phone or tablet.

Once on Facebook, click the three dots menu symbol in the top-right corner and choose the option to “Request Desktop Site” from the drop-down menu.

After that, log into Facebook and view any messages you have there.

Note:Even though all of the aforementioned techniques can stop the Seen status from showing up on the recipient’s device, Facebook will still display the last time you were seen.

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