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If you are downloading or installing free apps from the App Store and receiving the warning “Verification Needed,” what does that mean? The steps to stop the Verification Needed notification from showing on your iPhone or iPad are listed below.

Verification Required Message When Installing Apps

Verification Needed error messages have been reported by Apple device users when trying to download, install, or update apps on iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

People are basically prevented from even downloading free apps on iPhone by this error notice, which remains visible until the user selects the Proceed option and continues to validate their payment details.

Verification Needed problem messages typically appear when a linked credit card has expired, a linked payment method has failed, or there is an outstanding balance on your account.

So, the only option to resolve this error message is to either remove the Credit Card or Payment Data connected to your Apple ID or alter your Payment information as necessary.

Note:If you have an outstanding debt or a payment that is about to become due, you won’t be able to update or remove your payment information.

1. Change Shipping and Payment Info

As was already indicated, the issue is typically caused by out-of-date Payment Details associated with your Apple ID.

Click on your Apple ID in Settings, then click the Payment & Shipping option.

Tap on the indicated Payment Method on the following screen.

Tap the Edit option in the top-right corner of the screen to make any necessary updates to your Payment Details. The alternative is to select the Delete option by swiping down to the bottom of the screen.

2. Update Media & Purchases Info

You might need to change Payment Details through the Media and Purchases tab if the aforementioned remedy does not work.

Choose the Media & Purchases option under Settings > Apple ID.

Choose See Account from the pop-up menu, then choose Manage Payments from the following screen.

Choose your listed payment method (Credit Card, PayPal, etc.) on the Manage Payments screen. On the following screen, make any necessary adjustments to the payment information before tapping Done.

The alternative choice is to choose Edit in the top-right corner, then tap the Red Minus icon and then the Delete button. To confirm, click Delete on the confirmation pop-up.

After doing this, your iPhone shouldn’t bother you with Verification Needed messages anymore, either when you download free apps or when you update apps.

If the None option is not available while using an iPhone or iPad to access iTunes, you can modify your payment information by using a Mac or Windows computer to access iTunes.

3. Change Apple ID Payment Information

In the event that the first two approaches were unsuccessful, you should be able to resolve the issue by logging into your Apple ID Page on a computer and either updating your Payment Details or choosing the None option.

1. Sign in to your Apple ID Account at using your MacBook or Windows computer. Answer your security questions if you are prompted.

2. After logging in, select your payment option by clicking on Payment Methodstab in the left-pane (if listed). Click the Add Payment method link if there isn’t a payment method listed.

3. Choose your payment method on the following screen and make any necessary adjustments. If there isn’t a payment option provided, click the Down Arrow and choose “None” as your payment option.

The Verification Needed Warning that appears while installing free apps on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac should now be resolved.

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