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Connecting with additional people online greatly enhances your experience, just as with any social media app. Finding friends online and reestablishing contact with them is the best feeling there is. But if you don’t know their usernames, how can you locate these friends?

Nowadays, the majority of apps offer sophisticated functions that may suggest buddies based on your existing connections. These features essentially function by suggesting persons to you who have similar connections to you. The main theory behind this technology is that you are more likely to know someone if you have mutual friends with them.

In the past, this has actually been very effective at bringing people back together, so let’s see how it would perform on Snapchat. It turns out that Snapchat has a feature that allows you to view your mutual connections. You can still see which users have links with you, even though it is not feasible to see what new users your friends have lately added. This is how it goes.


View your mutual friends on Snapchat

You can add new friends, search for new friends, and view mutual friends through the Snapchat app’s Add Friends area. In the stages that follow, we’ll show you where in the app to locate this.



Open the Friends section

Let’s search for your common pals now. The first thing you should do is tap the profile symbol in the top-left corner of your screen. Your login, Bitmoji, narrative settings, and friends will appear as a result. Choose Add Friends from the Friends tab by scrolling down.



Find mutual friends in Quick Add

You can search for new friends in Snapchat’s Add Friends section by typing in their usernames, or you can use the Fast Add feature. You can locate a list of prospective connections, including your common acquaintances, under the Quick Add tool.

By looking at the grey “mutual friends” counter located under a user’s username, you can see if two people are buddies. However, Snapchat’s privacy policy prevents you from seeing who those shared pals are.

Simply tap the cross next to any names you don’t want to keep on your Quick Add list by tapping the name itself.



Add your mutual friends

How many friends you both have in common is indicated by how many mutual friends you both have. This implies that you might already be acquainted with or have met them.

If you do choose to add any of these persons to your Quick Add list, Snapchat will let them know that you did so, which helps to bring people in your own friendship circle closer together.

Quick Add does not alert people when you send them a friend request that you have mutual friends. They can only learn this information by looking at their own Quick Add list.

Will Snapchat tell you if someone has mutual friends?

If you and someone else have mutual friends, Snapchat won’t let them know. The Quick Add tool in the app is the sole way to see if someone and you have mutual friends.

You can see a list of recommended users from Snapchat’s algorithm right here. If there is a number under their username that indicates how many friends you have in common with them, you will be able to tell if this is the case.

Final Thoughts

So that’s all there is to know about making buddies on Snapchat who have common interests. Snapchat does not reveal the identities of the persons who have friends in common with you. The feature is nevertheless helpful when attempting to re-connect with an increasing number of people online.

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