How to Save Tiktok Videos to Camera Roll? The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

Is there a video you saw on TikTok that you want to keep for later viewing? Let us teach you the ropes, then.

The software makes it simple to download videos, and there are several methods for downloading a TikTok video to your phone’s library.

With this tutorial, you have the option of saving the video to your device with or without the watermark [the TikTok logo and username].

Read this post to find out how to save videos from TikTok to your device’s photo library. You’ll also be aware of the many ways to save files, and whether or not a watermark is applied to them.

How to Download Videos from TikTok?

TikTok videos may be downloaded quickly and without any additional software; there’s no need to even leave the app.

The video will also feature a TikTok watermark in the upper left corner and lower right corner. A third-party app [See: How to Remove] can be used to get rid of it.

Download People TikTok Videos

If you find a video on TikTok that you like, all you have to do is search for it, tap the share icon in the bottom right, and then tap Save video to save it to your camera roll.

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to save videos from TikTok to your iOS or Android gadget.

Step 1: Open The TikTok App

  • To save a video from TikTok to your camera roll, you must first locate the clip you wish to save.
  • To share a video that you’ve already watched and liked/favored, simply launch the video and hit the share button while it’s playing.

Step 2: Tap The Share Icon

Once you’ve started playing the video you want to save, tap the share button.

In the lower right corner of your iPhone or Android screen, you’ll see the share button.

Step 3: Tap Save Video

When you choose to share a video by tapping the Share button, a submenu will appear at the screen’s bottom.

Now you may start downloading the video by selecting the Save movie option. The finished video can be found in your device’s camera roll.

Download Your TikTok Videos

save tiktok to camera roll

TikTok videos can be downloaded quickly and easily to your smartphone, but they will all carry the TikTok watermark.

You’ll need to utilize an external app or website to remove the watermark when saving a TikTok video to your collection.

We’ve verified that this app/website combo will allow you to save TikTok videos free of the annoying watermark.

Step 1: Copy TikTok Video Link

Third-party sites are required if you wish to download a TikTok video without the watermark.

To save a clip from TikTok, launch the app, navigate to the clip you want, and then click the share button in the clip’s upper right corner. The next step is to select Copy Link.

Step 2: Go To Musically Down

Once you have the URL copied, go to Musically Down and paste it in the space provided for “Insert TikTok video Or Song Link.”

Step 3: Tap Download

You may save the movie to your computer or mobile device by pasting the link into the box and then clicking the Download button.

TikTok now allows users to save videos without watermarks, and you can do it for free.

Why Can’t I Save Videos On Tiktok?

If a TikTok user has disabled the option for anyone to download their video, you won’t be able to do so from the app.

After they’ve enabled the options, the download button disappears from the share menu.

But, there are additional options for downloading the video to your camera roll, including the use of third-party apps on your smartphone or a web service.

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How to Fix TikTok Download Problems?

If a TikTok video won’t download, it’s probably because the original uploader has turned off the download option.

Follow these steps to copy the clip to your device’s camera roll. A TikTok Downloader is a prerequisite.

  • Currently, we’re enjoying the Music Down website. It may unwatermarked any video you provide a link to and download it directly.
  • Choose the TikTok you want to save, hit the share symbol, and select Copy link to copy the URL to the video you can’t save within the app.
  • Copy the link to the TikTok video you want to download, then go to Musically Down and paste the link into the search bar.
  • The video can be downloaded to your device’s gallery without a watermark. Sites like SaveTik, SnapTik, TokSaver, and GGTik are also available.

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