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You may discover the steps to resolve the issue of iPhone Not Sending Pictures below if you are unable to transmit photos via iMessages, Text Messages, Emails, or other Applications.

iPhone Is Not Sending Photos

If you are unable to transfer photos from your iPhone by iMessage, text message, or email, there could be a number of causes for this, including issues with the carriers’ networks or Apple’s iCloud service.

As was already indicated, the issue is not limited to the Messages App; it has also been reported to happen when sharing photos over email, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.

1. Restart iPhone

To shut down, go to Settings > General > scroll down and press on it. Use the slider to power off your iPhone on the following screen.

Wait until your iPhone has completely shut down. After 30 seconds, tap the power button to restart your device.

2. Enable Cellular Data

Make sure use of Cellular Data is enabled on your iPhone if you are not near your home or office WiFi network.

Move the toggle next to Cellular Data to the ON position by going to Settings > Cellular.

The ability to attach photos to text messages, emails, and WhatsApp messages sent from your iPhone should now be available.

3. Check Network Strength

A common reason for iPhone Not Sending Pictures is due to bad network access. So, check and confirm the network strength at your present location by looking at the top-left corner of the screen.

Try leaving your current location and going somewhere else where you can have a good network connection if the reception is bad.

4. Make Sure MMS is Turned On

The MMS Messaging feature on your iPhone may not be turned on if you are unable to send photos to an Android device user.

Move the toggle next to SMS Messaging to ON in Settings > Messages.

By doing this, you’ll make sure that your iPhone can send photos to users of Android and Apple devices alike via SMS and MMS.

5. Check If Apple s iMessage Service is Down

It’s possible that the issue is related to an issue with or a downtime of Apple’s iMessage service. By visiting Apple’s System Status page, this scenario can be quickly ruled out.

Apple lists all of its services along with their current availability on this page (Available or Unavailable).

6. Disable WiFi Assist

Because it has a propensity to move from cellular to available WiFi networks automatically, the WiFi Assist feature on the iPhone can occasionally cause issues.

Move the toggle next to WiFi Assist to the OFF position under Settings > Cellular.

Now see whether emailing photos on your iPhone is still giving you trouble.

7. Install Carrier Updates

Sometimes the issue is brought on by your device’s lack of carrier upgrades.

Choose Settings > General > About > Network.

To install Carrier updates, select the Update option on the following screen (if available).

8. Reset Network Settings

To reset the network settings on your iPhone, write down your WiFi network password and then follow the instructions below.

To transfer or reset your iPhone, go to Settings>General>Reset. Choose the Reset Network Settings option on the pop-up menu.

Enter your Lock Screen Password if asked. To confirm, select Reset Network Settings from the confirmation pop-up.

You must enter your WiFi network’s password to re-connect to your WiFi network when the Reset process is finished.

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