Top 10 Best Instagram Marketing Trends for 2023!

Over the course of the next 12 months, Instagram is set to undergo a lot of change, so buckle up.

The way we post will be influenced by creator-inspired content, retro features are returning, and more promoted content will be available.

That’s only the very tip of the iceberg.

Are you prepared to stay in the lead? Scroll down to discover 10 Instagram marketing trends that are predicted to change the landscape in 2023.

What Would Be the Most Popular Instagram Marketing Trends in 2023?

The top 10 Instagram marketing trends for 2023 are shown below:

  • Prioritization of Reels
  • Nostalgic Features
  • Creator-inspired Content
  • Brand Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing
  • UGC Creators
  • Video Memes
  • New Forms of Content Creation
  • Boosted Content
  • Live Shopping
  • Brand Personalities

Trend #1. Prioritization of Reels

The platform has increased its emphasis on the format ever since Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that all video posts would be converted into reels.

This is hardly surprising given how important Reels are as a discovery and engagement “hack.”

At Later, we’ve actually noticed a 500%+ spike in interaction since adopting Reels:

And given the tough competition from TikTok and YouTube, we anticipate the platform to continue to give Reels priority in the upcoming year.

Thus 2023 is the ideal year to start implementing short-form videos into your Instagram content plan.

Trend #2: Nostalgic Features of Yesteryear

Please note that this prediction may out to be incorrect.

Have you ever wished for a more straightforward era? the era of Instagram, which focuses mostly on photos, MySpace in 2008, and MSN?

In 2022, Instagram did, however, release a ton of features that made people nostalgic, such as Group Profiles, Notes (MSN), and Music in Feed (OG Facebook).

Which can only imply that photographs are making a comeback. You did really hear correctly!

If we go back in time, the Kardashian-Jenner family endorsed the “Make Instagram Great Again” campaign against the social media site, which prompted a direct statement from Adam Mosseri:

In order to reassure users that the platform would continue to favor photographs and reduce suggested posts, Mosseri subsequently revealed during an AMA that Instagram isn’t “trying to gut reach for photo-based accounts… I think we’ve rebalanced things.”

The platform will undoubtedly continue to promote Reels, but we anticipate a shift toward a greater balance of photographs in the near future.

Trend #3: Creator-inspired Content

Top 10 Best Instagram Marketing Trends for 2023!

There is no one who does content ideation better than creators.

In order to support their commercial activities (hello, the emergence of creator-founded brands! ), they have developed hyper-engaged communities that engage with their postings, click through their links, and communicate with them.

In other words, they set Instagram’s trends.

And they are experts at telling stories, whether through a photo dump or a Reel with a fitting song:

Brands are paying attention. They’re quickly changing their material to incorporate aspects of how filmmakers shoot and put up their clips:

In 2023, more businesses will take inspiration from how creators film and upload and incorporate it into their content, despite the fact that creators have always been at the forefront of trends “Christine Colling, the manager of social media at Later, adds.

She continues, “The brands that flourish will come across as more organic and less commercial – akin to well-known producers.”

Keep an eye on the maker community if you’re a brand or company! and the makers? Continue to set the pace.

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Trend #4: Brand Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing

The Benjamins baby is everything in 2023.

We anticipate Instagram to increase the financial incentives it offers creators so they may profit and make a living from what they love.

With tools like Collabs, the Creator Marketplace, and affiliate programs, everyone will find it much simpler to engage in brand collaborations and affiliate marketing on the app as result.

Trend #5: UGC Creators Rise Up

ICYMI: The number of UGC creators is increasing!

On Instagram, there are currently over 52K posts using the hashtag #ugccreator.

Why? Because a UGC producer generates content that appears to be user-generated content (UGC), which historically was produced naturally by a brand’s followers, but is actually sponsored content.

There is significantly less pressure to expand on the platform because the developer is not concerned with engaging their own following. Also, it’s a practical way for brands to get more content from a financial standpoint, according to Lindsay Ashcraft, Later’s social content lead.

So in 2023, we’re placing our bets on brands embracing this specific type of creator and paying for more “genuine” content to boost traffic and sales.

Trend #6 Video Memes

Top 10 Best Instagram Marketing Trends for 2023!

Memes will always be a certain way to become successful overnight, but in 2023, video memes will rule the roost.

Video memes are the same as static memes in that they feature an abstract, amusing, or adorable image along with a relatable statement, but in a more dynamic and interesting way.

The use of video memes enables jokes to be more in-depth and narrative-driven. Also, as they wait for the subsequent instance of relatability, it keeps your readers on the post for longer “argues Ashcraft.

Trend #7: New Forms of Content Creation

The moment has come to grow your online presence if you want to be relevant on Instagram in 2023.

Accept the platform’s assortment of futuristic-looking content creation functionalities.

Why not investigate a few NFTs while we’re talking about the use of AR, 3D postings, and avatars?

“Do you still recall how reluctant brands were to start giving Reels priority? The majority of social strategies now include them as a standard.

This also applies to these fresh Instagram features. Presently, the voice effect option on Reels is gaining popularity and giving videos a completely new dimension “Chantal Hermetz, a social media specialist at Later, explains.

“Hot opinion? Before the bandwagon becomes overly crowded, be one of the first to adopt these features “Adding, she

Expect the platform to evolve in 2023 into a testing ground with fresh methods to engage your audience. See what sticks by testing and having fun.

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Trend #8 Boosted Content

When in doubt, boost it out, as the adage goes.

We anticipate that brands will increase their enhanced expenditure in 2023 as a result of Instagram’s decision to reduce certain of its e-commerce options.

Eighth trend: boosted content

When in doubt, boost it out, as the adage goes.

We anticipate that brands will increase their enhanced expenditure in 2023 as a result of Instagram’s decision to reduce certain of its e-commerce options.

What came to pass? More people seeing your material, more interaction, and higher conversion rates are all positive outcomes.

Trend #9: Live Shopping

Top 10 Best Instagram Marketing Trends for 2023!

Although Live Shopping isn’t precisely a new service, lately more users are using it.

And Live Shopping is still around even though the platform is purportedly moving away from some of its previous iterations of shopping tools.

A study predicts that by 2026, live commerce would represent more than 20% of all e-commerce purchases.

There are several chances for businesses and artists to excel as a result of this.

It’s similar to your very own shopping experience inspired by QVC, complete with product demonstrations and contextual styling advice.

The key lesson? In 2023, don’t be shocked if your Instacart receipts increase significantly because live commerce is likely to become widely used.

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Trend #10: Brand Personalities

The days when Instagram was just used to share visually appealing photos are long gone. The app now houses community and dialogue, two things that are significantly more significant.

What does that imply for creators and brands in 2023? Simply said, it signals that it’s time to show your personality.

It’s all about strengthening the sense of community and promoting interaction, whether that means participating in Instagram Stories, adding your voice to captions, or being creative on camera.

Every week, an employee of Later posts on Instagram Stories to give some important insights regarding a hot social media issue. It has a friendly, talkative tone and lots of personalities.

As a result, we are able to engage our most engaged followers on a deeper level.

The key lesson? Your Instagram approach should evolve along with Instagram’s!

It’s time to roll up your sleeves, approach the red light, and let your personality shine if you want to flourish in 2023 on Instagram, which is an immersive communication platform.

Your material will be more effective if it is dynamic, unique, and interesting.

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