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Spotify is a website and app for streaming music that is accessible on all platforms. It includes music from practically every country, including South Korea, Thailand, India, and Germany. This post will demonstrate how to install a tiny Spotify player on Windows 10 and how to pin a Spotify widget.

How to Pin Spotify Widget and Get Spotify Mini Player on Windows 10

The web player and application ways for obtaining a small Spotify player are both shown below. They also feature buttons for control.

Web Player Method: Use Picture in Picture

  • Open any browser on your Windows 10 PC and search for the Spotify Web Player.
  • Click the Spotify Web Player: Music for everyone website.
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, you ll see the Log in button.
  • Choose it, and you ll get redirected to the login page, fill in your username and password, then press login.
  • Choose and play any song from the playlist or mix.
  • On the bottom left side of your player, you ll see a picture of the song.
  • Below that picture, you ll see the song s name, album names, like button that looks like a heart, and a display-like box.
  • If you cannot see it, press the expand arrow on the bottom left corner.
  • Click on that box, it is called picture in picture .
  • A box will appear on the bottom right side of your screen.
  • The player has forward, back, play, pause and cancel buttons.
  • You can expand the player by clicking on the Back to tab option from the middle of that box.

Spotify Application Widget

  • Click on the upper right profile icon of your Spotify web player and choose download.
  • Download and install the player, go to the Spotify app, and log in.
  • Now leave the app open and press Windows + G.
  • On the upper part of your screen, you ll see a taskbar, choose the first Widget Menu option and select Spotify.
  • Update if any and then choose start listening .
  • A small player widget will come on your screen.
  • On the upper right corner of that widget, you ll see a pin.
  • Click on that pin to pin the widget to your display.
  • Press Windows + G and unpin, when you are done.

You learned how to use the online player and widget methods in this guide to get Spotify Mini player on Windows 10 and pin your Spotify Mini widget. Spotify also offers a premium ad-free stream, so if you want an endless experience, opt for Spotify premium. Check out these additional instructions if you want to find more like them: How To Obtain Spotify Karaoke Mode On iOS, Android, and Desktop, and How To Repair Spotify Search Not Working.

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