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Your first course of action should be to update your Apple ID Password if you have cause to believe that it has been compromised.

Change Apple ID Password

Besides from security concerns, users also change their Apple ID passwords to get rid of the irksome Apple ID Verification Pop-ups and for a number of other reasons.

Whatever the cause, changing the Apple ID password on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC is very simple.

1. Change Apple ID Password on iPhone or iPad

By using the instructions below, you can update the Apple ID password on an iPhone or iPad.

1. Open Settings, then select your Apple ID name.

2. Go to Password and Security > Tap on Change Password from the Apple ID page.

3. You could be asked to respond to two security questions. Establish your identity.

4. Enter your current password, a new password, and confirm the new password on the following screen.

2. Change Apple ID Password on Mac

The instructions listed here can be used to update your Apple ID password on a Mac as well.

1. Choose System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Symbol in the top menu bar.

2. Choose the Apple ID icon on the System Settings page.

3. Choose the option to Change Password on the Apple ID screen.

4.On the following screen, click the Change button after entering your Current Password, New Password, and Verifying New Password.

3. Change Apple ID Password on Any Device

By logging onto your Apple ID website on a Windows computer or other device, you can easily change the password.

1. Log in to your Apple ID account through the Apple ID website.

2. You could be asked to respond to two security inquiries.

3. Scroll down to the Security section on the Manage Apple ID screen and select the Change Password option.

4. Click the Change Password button after entering your Existing Password, a New Password, and confirming the New Password.

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