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You can speak with other members of your team or community using the chat software Discord. Game creators, streamers, and even certain corporations are now very fond of it.

In 2013, Eric Wolff and Jack Conte developed Discord. Discord was designed to provide a better method to communicate while playing video games. Since then, it has developed into a worldwide network with over 100 million users.

Discord is a fantastic tool for teamwork. You ought to think about utilising it if you wish to create a warm community.

What Are Discord Channels?

Members can connect with one another through the many channels available on Discord. They can either be voice channels or text channels and can be thought of as chat groups. Each channel will have its own rules and be focused on various debates and themes.

For instance, text channels let users transmit each other text messages, images, files, and other content. Users can share displays, watch movies, and conduct voice and video calls using a voice channel.

What Is A Welcome Channel?

The same as any other channel, welcome channels are used to greet new Discord users. Also, you can use them to broadcast updates or notices about events on your Discord server.

A welcome message and any server-specific rules and policies are typically included in the first channel a new user is invited to.


How To Make A Welcome Channel Discord?



Make Your Own Server

Prior to building the welcome channel, you must first setup your server. From the account settings page, you can make this change. Click Create New Server, then adhere to the directions. This will send you to the dashboard for your server.



Recruit Users for Your Server

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen after you’ve created your server. Choose Manage Users after that. You may get a list of all of your current members here. Regulars and Visitors are the two different categories of users, as you’ll see.

Users who have been added to your server are known as regulars. Those who haven’t joined your server yet are considered guests.

Invite them right away if you want to expand your server’s user base. Their usernames are included under the Invite People section.



Create rules

Rules aid in establishing the parameters for your server. General, Voice, and Text are the three main categories. Everyone must abide by the general regulations, whether they are regulars or visitors. For instance, if someone acts inappropriately, they could be banned from the server.

Only voice calls are subject to voice regulations. You could, for instance, prevent particular terms from being used during phone calls if you desire to do so.

Only text messages are subject to text regulations. For instance, if your server supports file sharing, you might want to set a space usage cap.



Make Your Own Welcome Channel

Once everything is prepared, you can begin creating your welcome channel! Return to the dashboard of your server and select Channels. Choose Add Channel from this menu, then give your channel any name you desire.

After that, select Edit Settings and type your welcome statement. In order to symbolise your welcome channel, you may also use an image. Use the button located beneath the message box to simply upload one.

After that, simply click “Save Changes” to finish. Everybody who joins your server will now be instantly forwarded to your welcome channel.


How To Set Up A Welcome Message In Discord

You can decide to have a welcome message emailed to new members after you’ve made your welcome channel. Go to system settings, which should take you to the Overview page, to accomplish this.

The screen’s bottom is where you can check the welcome message settings. You can change them here and perhaps decide to disable welcome messages entirely.

Make sure to click Save changes after you’re done.


How To Delete A Welcome Channel Discord

Simply return to your server’s dashboard and select Channels to remove a welcome channel. Choose Remove Channel, then click Confirm to finish.

Final Words

To sum up, setting up a welcome channel on Discord is simple and hassle-free! It is an excellent technique to greet brand-new users and provide them with any information that is crucial to your server.

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