Why is ‘Chicken soup’ search on Facebook returning abuse warning?

False Positive Algorithm Leads to Warning Message on Facebook

Recently, Facebook users were surprised to find that searching for the phrase “chicken soup” resulted in a warning message about child abuse. This was due to the platform’s stringent policies against any content or activity that endangers or sexually exploits children, as outlined in Facebook’s Community Standards.

Advanced Algorithms to Identify Inappropriate Content

In order to maintain a safe environment, social media platforms like Facebook rely on advanced algorithms to identify and remove any inappropriate content, especially those related to child abuse. While these algorithms are effective, they may produce false positives, mistakenly flagging innocuous phrases or content that are inadvertently linked to illicit or abusive themes.

Investigations Prompted by False Positives

When such issues arise, platform administrators may investigate and take appropriate action. In the case of the “chicken soup” search, the algorithm likely associated the phrase with other, more sinister terms, resulting in the warning message.


False positives can be an issue for social media platforms, as they strive to protect users from inappropriate content. In the case of the “chicken soup” search, the warning message was likely an unfortunate result of the platform’s algorithms mistakenly associating the phrase with other, more dangerous terms.

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