Is Instagram Not Working? Troubleshooting Tips You Need to Know!

Is it just me, or does everyone else currently have issues with Instagram?

If you’ve asked yourself this question, then something is wrong with your Instagram app.

This social media app has more than 1 billion users worldwide, making it one of the most popular ones out there.

So, it only seems sensible to anticipate occasional platform failure.

If this occurs to you, don’t panic; there are some tested ways that will enable Instagram to function correctly in a flash.

No matter if you access Instagram through an Android, iPhone, or web browser, we’ll find a reliable solution to end all the issues once and for all.

Why Is Instagram Not Working?

Common problems that could be affecting Instagram;
Solutions have been tested to restore Instagram to its original state.

The Six Most Common Instagram Issues

It’s essential to determine what the issue is before we can effectively tackle Instagram problems.

Diverse problems call for different answers.

In order to choose the best course of action for you, you must understand what is happening to your account.

1. Instagram Feed Issues

Is there an issue with your Instagram feed? The majority of people encounter this issue the most frequently each day.

They can access Instagram, but the feed doesn’t appear to be working.

When the business adds new features, the changes can cause Instagram services to stop working on specific devices.

One of these is the well-known “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” issue; for more information, visit our guide.

2. Instagram Account is Limited or Blocked

why is instagram not working

To effectively utilize the Instagram app, you must adhere to a few key restrictions.

Some of them are rather clear-cut, while others may be a little murkier.

For instance, you are only permitted to follow or unfollow 200 accounts every day at the most.

These kinds of restrictions are also imposed by other programs, like Twitter.

Anyhow, if the “We Limit How Often” sign shows when you try to submit pictures, videos, tales, or send messages to other users, read our tutorial where we go into more detail on this subject.

3. Instagram Music Problems

Instagram recently added Instagram Music, which is a pretty useful feature.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have problems with it because it tends to malfunction very frequently.

You won’t be able to include songs in your posts or stories if Instagram Music isn’t working on your phone.

Problems with apps are typically related to this issue.

The solutions we’re about to provide you should take care of it, but if you’re still having trouble using the feature, check out the article we wrote about it.

4. Users of Instagram Are Unable to Access Their Accounts

why is instagram not working

When Instagram functions properly for other users but you are unable to access your profile using your personal Instagram data, we are speaking specifically about an annoyance.

You can find the definition of any error messages in Instagram’s Help Center.

Remember that based on the message you see on the screen, the answer to your problem may differ.

5. Instagram Messages Disappear

You might discover that your Instagram messages vanish after you send them or that you are unable to view other people’s messages.

It’s possible that the Instagram app cache is to blame for this. To resolve this problem, find out how to clear Instagram’s cache.

If the troubles persist even after deleting your Instagram cache, there is probably a problem with Instagram’s servers.

The servers for Instagram are down.
Stop constantly rebooting your computer or refreshing the Instagram feed page! Perhaps the platform is experiencing a serious outage.

In that situation, you ought to check a website like DownDetector that specializes in compiling user-submitted problem reports.

There, you can view the typical number of reports received by time for other users. If there is a global outage, it is soon visible on their homepage’s chart.

If the Instagram platform is actually experiencing a worldwide outage, your only option is to wait for it to resume operation.

How to Fix Instagram App Issues and The Best Solutions?

Have you already determined what the problem is with this app? Then let’s continue.

Apps crash frequently, but don’t worry—a good fix is always just around the corner.

Fix 1: Instagram App issues

  • First things first, let’s see if the app is having any issues.
  • Move ahead and carry out this initial patch if you are certain that a server issue is not present.
  • Update the application on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • You need to have the most recent version of the software downloaded, regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone.
  • Your issues can be caused by using an outdated version.
  • You should therefore visit the Google Play Store or the App Store to find the most recent versions of this app if you still have an older version on your phone.
  • Remove and reinstall the application
  • You might as well completely remove and then reinstall the Instagram applications rather than just downloading the most recent version.
  • Although it will take more time, this approach should allow you to resume sharing pictures and videos using your iPhone or Android device.

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Fix 2: Clear Storage Cache

why is instagram not working

dependable storage cache cleansing technique! The methods used to fix app issues always seem to be flawless.

Users using Android devices should select Settings from the main menu, then select the “Apps” option and look for the Instagram app.

  • Tap “Clear Cache” there.
  • That ought to be sufficient to get the app functioning properly on all Android devices.
  • Android users: Select “Settings” from the main menu on your smartphone. Once you’ve located the Instagram app on your phone, select “Offload App” from the “Apps” menu.
  • You clean your apps’ cache just that way!
  • Verify the App Permissions
  • Users of Android and iPhone devices should activate every permission for the system to function properly.
  • Go to the Settings App once more till you see the following screen:
  • Toggling on all of these parameters is essential.
  • Apps like Instagram won’t be able to show you pertinent adverts, crucial information on your feed, and other features if they can’t operate in the background.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

  • A poor Internet connection appears to be the cause of several of the issues listed before.

Verify whether other iOS or Android apps can connect to your Wi-Fi.

  • You need to speak with your provider if the issue is in fact related to the Internet connection.
  • Use mobile data instead
  • Both iOS and Android make it incredibly simple to switch to mobile data.
  • Simply open the Settings app, disable Wi-Fi, and enable mobile data.
  • Try to see if that resolves your internet problems.

Fix 4: Use a Different Device

why is instagram not working

Have you used Instagram on a desktop browser yet? Possibly use a different phone to log into your profile.

If you can access Instagram on a different device, your phone must have hardware problems.

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Fix 5: Contact Instagram Support Team

To ensure that you and the community have effective answers when it’s time to fix a problem, you must report issues to the support team.

However, you should only attempt it if all other attempts to correct the report have failed.

Simply adhere to these three procedures to get in touch with the support staff:

Go to your profile and click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen to access settings.

After clicking settings, go down the page until you see the “Help” option. From there, you can contact Instagram directly and explain your situation. Alternatively, you can go here or visit Instagram’s website and scroll down to the bottom right corner to find the help option.

Remember that there is a fix for every Instagram-related issue, and GrowFollowing is always here to attempt to assist you!

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