How to Create a YouTube Playlist? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023!

How to create a YouTube Music playlist and locate public playlists on the website are both covered in this article.

Instructions apply to both and the iOS and Android mobile apps.

How to Create a YouTube Playlist?

1. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone or navigate to in a web browser.

2. If you aren’t already logged in, click Sign In in the top right corner and enter your login information to do so.

3. Navigate to the video you wish to include in your playlist.

4. From the menu that appears below the video, choose Save.

5. From the list of available options, choose + Create New Playlist.

youtube music playlist

6. In the Name field, give your playlist a name and decide whether you want it to be:

Public: All YouTube users can search for it.
Unlisted: Anyone with access to the direct link may view it.

Private: You are the only one who can see it.

7. When you are finished, choose CREATE.

8. Go to a different video you wish to include in your playlist and click Save.

9. This time, the dropdown box will display your playlist. To add the video to your playlist, check the box next to it.

youtube music playlist

10. For each additional video you want to add to your playlist, repeat steps 8 through 10.

11. Select Library from the menu in the top left corner of the screen when you’re ready to access your playlist.

12. You ought to see the title of your new playlist under Library. To access the playlist’s page, select the playlist. Select

13. Under your channel name, you should notice a section titled “Created playlists.” Choose a playlist.

youtube music playlist

14. To play every video in the playlist, choose to PLAY ALL on or the red play button on the app.

15. Go back to the playlist page and choose EDIT on or the pencil icon on the app if you want to edit your playlist.

16. You have a variety of editing choices:

  • Write a succinct description to explain the topic of your playlist to viewers.
  • playback controls Set the playlist to Private, Unlisted, or Public. As new videos are added, the automatic arrangement can also be changed.
  • Remove: To remove any video from your playlist on, click the X to the right of the video. Choose Remove from the playlist name from the three vertical dots that appear to the right of any video on the app.
  • Reorder by dragging and dropping: Hover your mouse over the far left corner of the video on, then click and hold the three vertical dots that appear. After that, you may drag it anywhere in your playlist to change its order. Use the app’s finger to do this.

17. Select the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the playlist page, then click Delete playlist > Yes, delete this playlist if you want to remove it from

18. Select the Trash icon > OK to erase your playlist from the app.

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How to Find Excellent YouTube Playlists?

It’s great to have the ability to create your own playlists, but it’s also convenient to see what is currently available so you don’t have to do all the creation yourself.

Here are three quick ways to discover outstanding YouTube community-created public playlists.

  • Utilize the Playlist Filter to Find Something.
  • You can only search for playlists when conducting a search on YouTube.
  • To see the results of your search, enter it into the YouTube search box and click Search (or the magnifying glass icon).
  • The Filter Button should be chosen.
  • To exclude playlists from the list of results, choose Playlist under TYPE.
  • To play a playlist, choose one.

Check Out the Playlists Tab on Users’ Channels

youtube music playlist

People who have made public playlists will have a section on their channels where people can view and listen to their playlists.

1. You can visit the channel of any user by going to their channel URL (such as, clicking on their channel name in any of their videos, or doing a channel search.

2. From the top menu tabs, choose PLAYLISTS.

3. Choose a playlist to play from those available by browsing them.

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Watch Out for Playlist Thumbnail Images

The number of videos in a playlist and a playlist icon is displayed in a black overlay on the right side of the video thumbnail for playlists.

These could show up in search results, on any video page as suggested or related videos, and in other places.

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